What makes Hanse Haus and our prefabricated houses special? Why you should trust Hanse Haus with the construction of your home

Good reasons for a prefabricated house

Our everyday life consists of work, shopping, housekeeping and leisure activities. Often there is no time for a cosy meal with the family or a coffee break with your best friend.

Because of this, it’s hard to imagine that we can take a break from this everyday life to build a house.

At Hanse Haus, we offer you the security of being able to build without worries, thanks to our all-round support. So that the dream of your own prefabricated house doesn’t become a nightmare.

Customer orientation & fairness

Advantage number 1

Fixed and understandable building costs. A promise at Hanse Haus.

We offer you consultation and planning services before you pay anything. First, a needs analysis is conducted, followed by planning by an architect and the selection of home fixtures.

As soon as you are completely satisfied with the planning and sampling, the costs are calculated. This sum defines the fixed price. If no changes are made to the scope of delivery and services, we guarantee this fixed price, thereby permanently setting your building costs and making them easy to understand.

Planning by an architect and construction supervision are already included in the price at Hanse Haus.

The fairness of our company. Hanse Haus as the fairest house manufacturer.

The well-known business magazine Focus Money examined the German prefabricated house market once again in 2022, and in a large survey of 2,000 clients, asked questions about their experiences with their construction partners.

Hanse Haus was the only prefabricated house manufacturer to receive the highest possible rating of “very good” in all categories and in the overall evaluation.

Thus, we were awarded this outstanding overall rating in the fairness study for the tenth time in a row. One more reason to trust Hanse Haus to build your prefabricated house.


Awards for quality and reliability

The individuality of our houses. To your personal dream home with Hanse Haus

Passive houses? Plus-energy houses? Of course – like many others, we build them too.

What else? Our clients build with us because we take individual wishes concerning architecture, floor planning and fixtures seriously.

For one of our clients, a musician, we built a house shaped like a human ear. Together with an Irish client, we built a prefabricated house for which an original Irish pub was dismantled in Ireland. The parts were then integrated into the new home by Hanse Haus.

You see, our motto “My perfect home” corresponds to what we do. Let us built your perfect home together.


Individual planning at Hanse Haus

Availability of the team. Optimal support from Hanse Haus’s customer service

We are one of the few prefabricated house manufacturers to provide clients with its own customer service.

Whether the heating isn’t working or the door is jammed, you always have a direct contact person for your problems and concerns relating to your Hanse Haus prefabricated house.


Contact customer service

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Quality & experience

Advantage number 2

The quality of our construction method. Proven stability and the best burglary protection with a Hanse Haus prefabricated house.

Depending on the building site, our prefabricated houses must be able to fulfil a wide range of requirements with regard to snow loads, storms, earthquake zones and summer heat. Our experience in wood construction since 1929 and over 33,000 satisfied homeowners speaks for itself.

Unlike with other prefabricated house manufacturers, the uniform construction of load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls provides optimal stability for our wall elements. Thus, in a Hanse Haus prefabricated house, an interior wall can be placed under the same structural load as an exterior wall.

For our windows, front doors and side entry doors we use burglary-resistant components according to DIN EN 1627. As one of the few prefabricated house manufacturers to produce its own windows, at Hanse Haus we voluntarily have our window production and installation monitored by an accredited certification body.

Insulating Hanse Haus prefabricated houses. Why we build better homes.

Our walls are insulated over the entire surface with mineral wool insulation – as is also the case with other prefabricated house manufacturers.

But unlike other prefabricated house manufacturers, we glue this insulation to the wall to prevent any sinking or slipping. By doing so, we effectively prevent the formation of thermal bridges. Genuine Hanse Haus prefabricated quality that pays off.


Learn more about the construction technology at Hanse Haus

Energy efficiency at Hanse Haus

The outer wall forms – together with the roof, windows and doors – the building envelope.

To keep energy losses to a minimum, we attach great importance to the optimal insulation of the building envelope.

Since the insulation of our building envelopes already meets the requirements for the KfW Efficiency House 40 Plus Standard, you can easily receive attractive subsidies from KfW for your new prefabricated house.

Employee experience. With Hanse Haus, you can rely on knowledge accumulated over many years and place your trust in a reliable construction partner.

We don’t start from nothing. At our company, we rely on tradition and experience by filling our key positions with employees from within our own ranks.

From the technical director, who has been building prefabricated houses for Hanse Haus for 22 years, to the director of fixture consultations, who has been advising our customers for 14 years.

We have also been working with many sales partners for a long time – 10 years is not uncommon for us, but it is in the prefabricated house industry.

Health protection for employees and homeowners.

As regards protecting the health of our employees and homeowners, we undergo external inspections.

In order to protect homeowners, we regularly commission an external testing institution to carry out air measurements in our turnkey houses.

In this way, we ensure that both the materials of our suppliers and the raw materials we use comply with the strict residential hygiene requirements of the Quality Association for German Prefabricated Construction.

Yes, it really is a luxury living in a prefabricated house from Hanse Haus.

Technical competence & innovation

Advantage number 3

Hanse Haus as a competent partner for all trades and home fixtures.

At Hanse Haus, we employ our own staff with the relevant specialised training to provide services in all trades needed for building prefabricated houses: from structural engineers, architects, civil engineers, electricians and metal workers to heating engineers and plumbers.

In so doing we ensure that specialists can be called in at short notice whenever necessary to consultations on fixtures at our Homebuilders’ Centre. During the consultation, we determine all the fixtures for your house together. Since we can cover all trades with our own specialists, we also ensure that our Homebuilders’ Centre offers fixtures and a selection that reflect the current state of the art.

With the show homes at the factory location in Oberleichtersbach in the north of Bavaria, our aim is to make the special features of our houses visible for our customers. Here we present a passive house certified by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, a barrier-free bungalow designed together with two wheelchair users, and the Cubus house Archidomus, prize winner at an architectural competition for the German-speaking countries in Europe, which we have built as a show home.

Forward-looking solutions for your Hanse Haus prefabricated house

In view of the current interest in smart homes, we have examined, as part of a diploma thesis together with the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, various building automation systems for their practicality and possibilities of application

We have installed the preferred system in many of our show homes at the factory site. This smart home system is now also available to our clients for installation.

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