Find a Hanse Haus consultant and a show home near you. An excursion to a planned building project or to a customer’s house are also possible.

Hanse Haus near you

At Hanse Haus, each house is individually planned. That means you determine the what, and we take care of the how.

That’s why for us, personal consultations are the most important thing there is. You can easily find a consultant and show home near you with the map.

Ihre Adresse
Musterhaus Adelsried
Ihre Ansprechpartner
  • Federle, Josef
  • Schuller, Peter

Oberes Wölfle 3, 86477 Adelsried

Öffnungszeiten: nach Vereinbarung

Häuser: Villa 165

T +49 (0) 9741 808 409