Experience our Show Home Park at Hanse Haus’s factory site in Oberleichtersbach

The Hanse Haus Homebuilders’ Centre

Have you always wanted to visit a show house but haven’t been able to decide on a house yet?

We make it easy for you. In our large Show Home Park at Hanse Haus’s factory site in Oberleichtersbach, there are seven different show homes at the Residential Park in Buchrasen which are open every day to visitors.

Stop by, walk from house to house and experience the benefits of our prefabricated houses in person. Our show houses are already lovingly and comfortably furnished and fitted. Here, sitting on a cosy sofa, you could easily forget that you’re not home yet.

And if you have any questions, you can simply ask for answers next door at the Homebuilders’ Centre, make an appointment for a personal consultation or register for guided preliminary sampling or a tour of our factory.

Highlights at the Show Home Park and Homebuilders’ Centre in Oberleichtersbach

  • The central location of the Show Home Park in the middle of Germany with optimal transport links.
  • Seven show homes right next to our Homebuilders’ and Fixture Centre
  • The Homebuilders’ and Fixture Centre with more than 1,800 square metres of exhibition space
    • Our sample collections and fixtures are constantly updated and adapted to current trends
    • The large bathroom and wellness exhibition presents design ideas for bathroom planning
    • Trained fixture consultants are available to answer your questions at any time and use their expertise to advise you on the selection of home fixtures for your prefabricated house
  • A comfortable bistro for a short coffee break and refreshments in between
  • Opportunity for free guided preliminary sampling at the Fixture Centre
  • Guided factory tours are available on request at any time
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Show homes in different styles for every taste

show homes

Are you still looking for the perfect dream home for yourself and your family? Be inspired by our show homes at the Residential Park in Buchrasen, in Oberleichtersbach near Bad Brückenau.

Completely finished and comfortably furnished, seven different show homes invite you to visit and experience them. The houses in the Show Home Park were all planned on the basis of our house models and partly expanded with planning options. They display a very large number of options you have when building a Hanse Haus prefabricated home.

Take a tour of the house and find out what you like and what you would do differently in your own home. Because whether you’re planning a spacious house in the countryside or want to use a small, narrow plot in the city to build your house, at Hanse Haus we not only have many wonderful house suggestions for you: when planning your home, our architects also take into account your personal wishes.

Show home with pent roof

For our Vita show home in Buchrasen, we have expanded our Vita 147 prefabricated model by adding a two-storey bay window, which increases the living space on the ground floor and upper floor. Rooms flooded with light provide a friendly ambience. A separate dressing room and a cool pantry are comfortable extras.

To our modern Vita 147 house with pent roof

The family-friendly classic

You can twist it and turn it any way you like. The classic house with pitched roof is always popular. Our Variant 35-154 house design also offers numerous practical planning options. For example, we have expanded our prefabricated show home at the Show Home Park in Buchrasen by adding a conservatory with large glass surfaces. We also detached the technical room to create space for a larger study.

To the classic prefabricated house with pitched roof – Variant 35-154

A spacious show home with a pitched roof

An open living, cooking and dining area forms the focal point of family life on the ground floor of this show home, which was created on the basis of our Variant 45-192 model. Two large children’s and young persons’ rooms, a master bedroom with walk-in closet and a spacious spa bathroom make the top floor a cosy retreat for each family member. This show home was built as an environmentally friendly passive house.

To the Variant 45-192 passive house

Bungalow show home

Experience the pleasant atmosphere of a bungalow in person in our show bungalow in Buchrasen. Barrier-free living on one level and the generous arrangement of living space were the core themes for this house design, with a comfortable 133 square metres of living space. Suitability for wheelchair-accessible living was also tested here.

To our comfortable Bungalow 133

Lothar Johannes
Lothar Johannes
Senior site manager at Hanse Haus
Our show homes

“From planning to assembly, countless persons are involved in a new show home by Hanse Haus. Such projects can be implemented only if there is a high degree of competence in the various departments.”

Learn more about Hanse Haus quality

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Our easily reachable, centrally located Show Home Park in Germany

Location &
business hours

The Hanse Haus Residential Park in Buchrasen is located in Oberleichtersbach in Lower Franconia near Bad Brückenau, in central Germany with excellent transport links.

Our address

Hanse Haus GmbH & Co. KG
Show Home Park “Buchrasen Residential Park”
Buchstraße 3
D-97789 Oberleichtersbach

Opening hours of the show homes

Mo – Fr 12:00-17:00
Sa & Su 11:00-17:00

Bemusterung eines Fertighauses im Bauherrenzentrum von Hanse Haus

With us, a house becomes your new home. Fixtures you can see, feel and experience in person


What if you could simply and easily choose all the fixtures for your new home in one place? That would be easy, wouldn’t it?

We offer you exactly this service in our 1,800 square metre Fixture Centre right next to the Homebuilders’ Centre and Show Home Park.

Take a look at current home trends, get inspiration for your home and the best possible consultation from an expert.

When and how? During sampling, i.e. the selection of your home fixtures, at the Hanse Haus Fixture Centre in Oberleichtersbach.

Essbereich und Küche in einem Fertighaus von Hanse Haus

Treat yourself to a break at the Hanse Haus bistro. After all, planning and choosing the fixtures for your house should be fun, and the creation of your new home should be enjoyable.

The bistro

Designed like a rustic barn on the outside and a modern bistro on the inside. This is our small but nice Hanse Haus bistro with a cosy atmosphere at our Sample Centre.

An ideal place with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere

  • for your lunch break when choosing fixtures,
  • for a coffee break in between or
  • as a place to retreat for brief discussions about your planned prefabricated house.
Get a glimpse of the fixtures available for Hanse Haus’s prefabricated houses at a free guided preliminary sampling. The samples are then chosen in more detail later on during the fixture sampling for your house.
If you are interested, you are welcome to visit our Hanse Haus prefabricated house factory in Oberleichtersbach by appointment.

Don’t have time for a visit to Hanse Haus’s Show Home Park?

Our houses

It’s a pity you aren’t able to visit our Show Home Park, but in the meantime you can have a look at our various house models online.

From the two-storey single-family house with pitched roof to the modern Cubus house with flat roof and the popular pent roof house, we have a few suggestions for every taste which you can have customised simply and easily.

VARIANT - Einfamilienhaus mit Satteldach als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Variant 25-150
The bright Variant 25-150: let the sunshine in
174 m²
Bungalow 80
Clever planning on one floor: the Bungalow 80
80 m²
CUBUS - Fertighaus mit Flachdach von Hanse Haus
Cubus 162
The Cubus 162: clear lines, cool looks
154 m²
DUO - Mehrfamilienhaus als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Duo 211
The multi-generational Duo 211, a spatial wonder
205 m²
VARIANT - Einfamilienhaus mit Satteldach als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Variant 35-154
The Variant 35-154: our flexibly designable prefabricated house with pitched roof
136 m²
VARIANT - Einfamilienhaus mit Satteldach als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Variant 25-192
Gladly at home in the Variant 25-192, the prefabricated classic for your well-being.
182 m²
Bungalow 133
The spacious Bungalow 133 – a house as you have always wanted one to be
135 m²
Villa 156
The Villa 156: your own home, just the way you want it
150 m²
Doppelhaus Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Semi-Detached House 131
Individual architecture with a sense for aesthetics: the Semi-Detached House 131
124 m²
Variant - Fertighaus mit Satteldach von Hanse Haus
Variant 25-135
Small house, big spatial wonder: Hanse Haus’s Variant 25-135
126 m²
VARIANT - Einfamilienhaus mit Satteldach als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Variant 25-183
The Variant 25-183: a home completely according to your style
173 m²
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