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That's what makes building with Hanse Haus so relaxed. With our all-round carefree package, you get a lot for your money: What is included in the scope of delivery varies depending on the prefabricated house manufacturer. With us, numerous services are already included as standard.

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What influences the price of a prefabricated house?

Prefabricated house prices 2024

At Hanse Haus, each prefabricated house is planned individually. This means that the costs for each individual house project also differ, as they depend on many factors. These include, for example, the type of house you decide on, the shape of the roof, the extension stage, the size of the house and the fittings. In addition to the price of the prefabricated house itself, other costs incurred when building a house include the cost of the plot, ancillary building costs (e.g. development, earthworks or insurance) and the cost of the exterior and interior design.

House type and roof shape

How do house type and roof shape determine the costs

Prefabricated houses come in many shapes and sizes - from multi-family houses with up to six residential units to cosy tiny houses for one or two people, you can choose from a wide variety of house types at Hanse Haus, which of course also differ in terms of price.

The decisive factor is the complexity of the construction in combination with the size. For example, a detached house with a pitched roof is cheaper than a detached villa with two full storeys, but more expensive than a semi-detached house.

There are also cost differences between the possible roof shapes. Generally speaking, flat roofs and mono-pitched roofs with their simple design are the cheapest roof shapes - closely followed by pitched roofs, the most common roof shape. Hipped roofs and tent roofs are associated with the highest costs due to their more complex construction and higher material costs.

House size

How does the size of the house affect the price?

The total area of the house is one of the biggest cost drivers when building a house: additional square metres are not only noticeable in the construction costs, but also in the running costs. Before building a house, it is therefore worth considering how much space and how many rooms you really need - especially in times of rising building and land prices. 

If the construction budget is limited, a well thought-out floor plan can save square metres. A compact house without extensions is also particularly energy-efficient. 

A basement creates additional living and storage space as well as enough room for the building and heating technology. However, compared to building on a floor slab, a basement also incurs high additional costs.

Energy efficiency

Is an energy-efficient house more expensive?

Basically, the more emphasis is placed on energy efficiency and sustainability, the more expensive it is to build a house. More complex insulation, efficient heating technology and intelligent building services mean additional costs. But the additional costs can be quickly amortized by the energy savings.

Our prefabricated houses meet the requirements for an energy-efficient house even in the standard version at no extra cost due to the high-quality wall construction and all-round thermal insulation, and receive the DGNB certificate in gold from the "almost finished" level (with Hanse Haus basement or floor slab).

On request, we can realise various energy-efficient house concepts for you.

Completion level

How does personal contribution affect the price of a prefabricated house?

With the completion level, you define which services are included in the house price. The greater the scope of services, the higher the total price. 

Turnkey houses are completed by us completely ready to move into, so that no craftsmanship or time is required for your own work. The turnkey completion level is therefore the most expensive option. 

The partially finished house is perfect if you want to save money by building the house by yourself. In order to complete the interior work by yourself, you need solid technical experience.

Hanse Haus has the right solution for every budget, from the partially finished house to the engineered house to the partially finished or turnkey house.


How does the interior affect the price of the house? 

The choice of home equipment also influences the overall costs: if you want to furnish your home in a particularly high-quality, comfortable, unusual or innovative way, you will have to budget for higher costs. The size of the house to be furnished also plays a role. 

The equipment includes, for example, building and heating technology, plumbing, electrical engineering, house and interior doors, windows and patio doors, stairs, wall and floor coverings, façade design and roofing. At Hanse Haus, you can select the fittings for your home together with your personal consultant in the comfort of our fitting centre. A pre-sampling offers a good opportunity to get a first impression of our standard scope of services and costs for special details and to make it easier for you to orientate yourself with regard to the price of the fittings.

Fertighaus Bungalow 169

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Find your dream home too

The individual planning of your prefabricated house begins with a detailed needs analysis with one of our specialist consultants. The aim is to discuss your ideas for your house as precisely as possible. The conditions on your property are also taken into account. We will gradually work out with you what the architecture of the house and the room layout will look like, what is important to you in terms of energy efficiency or which expansion stage is best suited to your house construction project. On this basis, you will receive an initial, realistic overview of the construction costs.

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Prefabricated house price examples: save up to 10% thanks to serial production

Save money

With our QNG+-Line, we want to enable you to fulfil your dream of owning your own home even on a smaller budget in times of rising construction costs. Because the houses in this series are not individually planned, but built several times in an identical design, several work steps are saved in planning, production and assembly. This enables us to offer the houses at a lower price without making you lose on quality.

All houses from the QNG+-Line are eligible for subsidies, so that you can benefit from the subsidised loans of the KfW for home ownership of families.

QNG⁺-Line: Prefabricated house Villa 163

Prefabricated house price example of our QNG⁺-Line 163

QNG⁺-Line 163

The bright, open living, dining and cooking area with winter garden and direct access to the terrace is one of the highlights of the houses in our QNG⁺ Line 163, which offer plenty of space to feel good with living areas of 142 to 156 square meters.


Prefabricated house with price Partially finished house House with technical installations Near turnkey house Turnkey house
Variant 35-160 from € 269.075 from € 325.052 from € 345.430 from € 383.812
Variant 25-162 from € 277.036 from € 333.229 from € 353.253 from € 391.897
Villa 163 from € 289.109 from € 347.807 from € 363.974 from € 402.169


QNG⁺-Line: Prefabricated house Variant 38-130

Prefabricated house price example of our QNG⁺-Line 133

QNG⁺-Line 133

Compact planning, lots of living comfort – that's our QNG⁺-Line 133. 114 to 126 square meters of living space offer enough space for extras such as a modern family bathroom, a large dressing room, a guest and study room and a WC with an optional shower.


Prefabricated house with price Partially finished house House with technical installations Near turnkey house Turnkey house
Variant 38-130 from € 225.939 from € 281.793 from € 300.834 from € 334.575
Variant 28-132 from € 232.667 from € 286.635 from € 305.296 from € 338.702
Villa 133 from € 240.536 from € 296.981 from € 312.162 from € 345.289
QNG⁺-Line: Prefabricated house Variant 28-123

Prefabricated house price example of our QNG⁺-Line 124

QNG⁺-Line 124

With 109 to 118 square meters of living space, our smaller house models in the QNG⁺ Line 124 offer everything a family of up to four needs to feel at home - due to their space-saving design.


Prefabricated house with price Partially finished house House with technical installations Near turnkey house Turnkey house
Variant 42-123 from € 222.477 from € 274.919 from € 292.599 from € 322.528
Variant 28-123 from € 223.202 from € 275.413 from € 292.962 from € 323.841
Villa 124 from € 228.932 from € 283.478 from € 297.335 from € 328.022

Important information about prefabricated house prices

Frequently asked questions
How can you save money when building a house?

If the budget for building a house is limited, it is worth saving costs in the right places. The following tips will help: 

  • Save on house and plot size wherever it is possible
  • Plan a compact floor plan (without bay windows, extensions, etc.) 
  • Build on a floor slab instead of a basement 
  • Build a carport instead of a garage 
  • Choose more favourable roof shapes such as flat roofs, monopitch roofs or pitched roofs 
  • Build with a granny flat and benefit from co-income and possibly subsidies 
  • Contribute your own labour 
  • Utilise potential savings on fixtures and fittings 
  • Include subsidies
Is it possible to use subsidies to build a house?

In Germany, a number of subsidy programmes are used to support the construction of new homes. With the nationwide KfW funding programmes, you can benefit from low-interest loans when building climate-friendly homes.  

The individual federal states also provide subsidies for house construction, which are only granted in the relevant regions. Similar to the KfW, you can obtain low-interest loans or grants from the respective state bank, for example. 

It may also be worth contacting your diocese or regional church to find out about possible benefits when buying a property or church subsidies in the form of low-interest loans.

More information on the house building subsidy

How are the costs for building a house made up?

The costs for the house usually make up the majority of the total costs for a construction project. Added to this are the costs for the right plot of land, which vary depending on the location. Then there are the additional costs for the purchase of the plot – such as the land transfer tax or fees for the notary and land registry.

Another major factor is the ancillary building costs. These include possible costs for the development of the plot, costs before construction begins (e.g. for planning permission), costs for building preparation (e.g. structural engineer, surveyor, building site preparation) and costs during the construction of the house (e.g. insurance, building electricity). Your advantage when building a house with Hanse Haus: Many of these services are already included in the house price as standard. 

When the house is finished, there are usually still costs for furnishing and moving. Sufficient budget should also be planned for the outside area – for example a garden, a driveway, a terrace, a garage or a garden shed.

What is included in the prefabricated house price at Hanse Haus?

Many planning and other services are already included as standard in the price when building a house with Hanse Haus. This includes, for example, a comprehensive needs analysis and the planning of your prefabricated house, the preparation of the building application, advice on fittings, structural analysis, application for house connections, construction site equipment and supervision and much more.

Discover included services

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Individuality is standard at Hanse Haus

„We looked at various prefabricated house providers in the region. Although they talked about individual planning everywhere, but the additional costs for replanning the house designs were often off-putting. At Hanse Haus, things were different right from the beginning."

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