Building a Tiny House – clever planning and versatile use

Small and yet very big

As the translation suggests, Tiny Houses are particularly small houses. There is no fixed definition of this type of house in Germany. The mini houses are usually planned in such a way that one to two people can live in them comfortably - albeit in a minimalist way. A Tiny House can be used as a main residence, but also as a holiday home, student flat, guest house or for au pairs or carers. Those who need extra space in addition to their home can also opt for a Tiny House as a garden shed, office, studio or atelier. Given the small size, sensible planning of the mini house is particularly important. Let yourself be inspired by the lovingly designed Tiny House designs of our Hanse Haus architects.

Realise your dream of a wooden Tiny House

Small houses
Tiny House 39
Tiny 39
Comfortable home on only 39.5 m² living space
39 m²
Tiny House 51
Tiny 51
Let the sunshine in
51 m²
Tiny House 53
Tiny 53
Eye-catcher with pent roof
44 m²
Tiny House 57
Tiny 57
Suitable for everyday use with a bright living ambience
57 m²
Tiny House 59
Tiny 59
Modern living under a pitched roof
47 m²
Tiny House 67
Tiny 67
Very large with a small footprint
60 m²
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Tiny House advantages at a glance

Plus points

While some prefer a lot of space, others are thrilled to live minimalistically, economically and comfortably in a particularly small house.

Is a Tiny House the right home for you? It can definitely score with some advantages:

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Living in a Tiny House

Small houses for one to two people

  • Lower construction costs and lower costs for equipment and furnishings.
  • Low maintenance costs and economical living (electricity, heating)
  • Environmentally friendly (less sealed surface, lower resource consumption)
  • Less time-consuming (cleaning, maintenance)
  • Minimalist living
  • Often smaller property (less effort, less property tax)
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Tiny House floor plans with different sized living spaces

Tiny House floor plans

Less living space does not mean less comfort: In a Tiny House, clever planning can create a home to feel at home in. 

With a separable sleeping alcove, storage space under the roof or a separate study - our Hanse Haus architects have designed well thought-out Tiny House floor plans for you, in which every square metre is used optimally. At the same time, the floor plans with living areas of 39.5 to 60 square metres are designed to let in plenty of daylight and create an open, bright and friendly living atmosphere.


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Tiny house habitable all year round

Possible with Hanse Haus

Whether a Tiny House can be lived in all year round depends on the design and equipment of the house.

In order to be able to live in a Tiny House without freezing in winter, appropriate insulation and a heating system are crucial. 

A Tiny House from Hanse Haus is ideally suited as a comfortable home for all seasons and can thus be used as a main residence without any problems. It is built on a floor slab and has a technical room that accommodates a modern heating system. To keep heat loss via the building envelope as low as possible, the all-round thermal insulation encloses all exterior walls, the roof and, if necessary, the floor slab.


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Important information about our Tiny House prefabricated houses

Frequently asked questions
What does a Tiny House cost?

The costs for a Tiny House depend on many factors and therefore vary greatly. The decisive factors are the design, the size, the equipment and the materials used and whether the Tiny House is delivered turnkey or as a kit house. 

A Tiny House from Hanse Haus is built as a wooden panel with all-round thermal insulation on a floor slab and is therefore more expensive than, for example, a mobile mini house or a converted container. The price of a prefabricated house from our Tiny House range varies according to the desired stage of construction - from a prefabricated house to a ready-to-use, almost ready-to-use or turnkey house. A Tiny House as a prefabricated house is ideal for builders who want to save money by doing their own work and still rely on the proven Hanse Haus quality. The turnkey Tiny House, on the other hand, is completed by us, ready to move in, according to your wishes.

Does a Tiny House require a permit?

Different legal regulations apply to the construction of a Tiny House depending on the federal state and, in some cases, the municipality. Therefore, it is particularly important to carefully inform yourself about the regional building regulations and specifications before starting the building project. 

When choosing a suitable plot of land, it is crucial to have a permit to build a Tiny House. In some regions, Tiny House settlements have been created that are explicitly designated for the construction of such small houses. However, the construction of a Tiny House can also be approved on other building plots.

What are the advantages of a Tiny House?

Minimalist, sustainable, economical and flexible living - this is what many people who dream of a Tiny House want. 

And indeed, a Tiny House already scores with these advantages when it is built. The construction costs as well as the costs for equipment and furnishings are usually lower compared to a larger detached house. Less expensive land is needed, which saves costs, effort and property tax, and at the same time less area is sealed. As with construction, fewer resources are used for housing, as the compact living space can be heated efficiently and less electricity is needed. This also keeps the running costs for the Tiny House low. In a small space, the available space must be used sensibly, so a Tiny House offers the best conditions for minimalist living. The time required for cleaning and maintaining the Tiny House is also kept within limits.

Why a Tiny House from Hanse Haus?

Tiny houses are now available in many different designs. We have decided to simply downsize our tried-and-tested Hanse prefabricated timber houses - with the same quality and construction method - to create a high-quality, energy-efficient home that can be lived in comfortably all year round without any problems. 

Our Tiny Houses are built on a floor slab and fitted with all-round thermal insulation to minimise heat loss through the building envelope. The standard version of our prefabricated houses already includes a building envelope that fulfils the criteria for a KfW 40 Plus efficiency house. 

Our architects have skilfully planned the house designs based on their many years of experience: Clever details ensure a relaxed everyday life and a friendly living atmosphere.

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Anette Müller
Architecture management
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Our architects will show you which houses best suit your wishes and what planning options you have:

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