From partially finished to turnkey house: prefabricated house completion levels at Hanse Haus

Flexible & individual

With Hanse Haus, you can select the completion level that suits you the best, according to your wishes – from the partially finished house and house with technical installations to the near turnkey or turnkey house.

We offer all Hanse Haus prefabricated houses at these four different levels of completion. Decide for yourself which services Hanse Haus should take care of and which work you would like to do on your own. So that you save money but also spare yourself the stress.

Four levels of completion for plenty of individuality.

Completion levels

At Hanse Haus, you can choose from the following four different completion levels from the top edge of the floor slab. 
(For further information on possible completion levels, please download the country-specific building specifications.)

Partially finished house

The partially finished house is ideal for clients who wish to save money by doing their own work, yet still rely on Hanse Haus’s proven quality.

In order to turn a partially completed house into a comfortable home, considerable trade skills are a necessary prerequisite.

Prefabricated house with technical installations

In a prefabricated house with technical installations, the screed, the electrical, water/sewage and heating installations are taken care of by Hanse Haus – in addition to the services provided for a partially completed house.

The tiling of the bathrooms and the installation of bathroom fixtures do not fall within the scope of houses with technical installations. These require work to be done by the client and some trade skills.

Near turnkey house

With Hanse Haus’s near turnkey house, all specialist work is completed as for partially finished houses and houses with technical installations. Moreover, the bathrooms including bathroom fixtures, wall and floor tiles are also completed.

With Hanse Haus’s near turnkey solutions, the client takes care of only painting/putty work, floor coverings and interior doors.

Turnkey house

A turnkey prefabricated house from Hanse Haus is completed entirely according to your wishes and ready for you to move in.

A clear advantage – compared to the partially finished house, house with technical installations and near turnkey house – is that they require no great trade skills and no time on the part of the client.

After the key to your dream house has been handed over, only the right kitchen and your individual home furnishings need to be added.

Grauer Hintergrund mit Überlagerung
Familie Olschewski vor ihrem Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Michelle and Stefan Olschewski
Hanse Haus homeowners
Our tip

“As regards construction, we relied completely on Hanse Haus and therefore had a turnkey house built. It was important for us to have as little stress as possible with the building of the house. Weekends should be devoted to relaxation, not housebuilding.”


To the Olschewski family’s house with pitched roof

Grauer Hintergrund mit Überlagerung

A partially finished or turnkey house – which level of completion suits us?

Which level
of completion?

There’s no doubt that you can save money by doing things yourself. But make a realistic estimate of how much time and which trade skills you have.

Comprehensive Hanse Haus service package including architectural services, planning permission application & construction supervision

Sealed façades in the colours of your choice

Roof construction, covering and drainage

Exterior window sills

Front door, windows and terrace doors with a higher burglary resistance classification

Exterior walls (in full storeys) are thermally insulated, soundproofed and enclosed by OSB boards

Interior walls are thermally insulated, soundproofed, and enclosed by OSB boards on both sides

Gypsum boards on the interior, exterior and exterior gable walls

Drillholes for electrical wiring

Collar beam ceilings and incomplete lofts/upper floors are boarded out

Walkable storey ceilings

Roller shutters on the ground floor, loft or upper floor


Staircase to the loft or upper floor


Basic plumbing installation


Pre-installation of sanitary equipment


Basic electrical installation


Electrical and multimedia installation


Exhaust gas routing for the heating system


Basic heating installation


Installation of the ventilation system


Installation of the heating system with underfloor heating




Interior window sills


Roof with thermal insulation and soundproofing


Jamb wallsin the loft


Gypsum fireproof boards on ceilings and roof slopes


Wall and floor tiles in the bathroom, shower room and guest bathroom


Sanitary fixtures in the bathroom/shower room/guest toilet


Floor coverings


Interior doors


Painting, putty work and wallpapering




Couple and baby son looking out window --- Image by © Ocean/Corbis

Still not sure which level of completion is right for you?

on the
completion level

Contact us. We will be happy to inform you about all the advantages and disadvantages of the different house completion levels at a personal consultation. There is sure to be a Hanse Haus consultant in your area.

At our Hanse Haus prefabricated Show Home Park in northern Bavaria, you can experience our prefabricated houses and the various completion levels for yourself. Our Hanse Haus catalogue also provides a good overview of the possible scope of services.


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