House building subsidy 2024 for new builds

Save on house building with subsidies

There are currently two nationwide subsidy programmes for new houses. The two house building subsidy programmes "Climate-friendly new build" (KFN) and "Home ownership for families" (WEF) enable builders to save several thousand euros per year through low-interest loans. If a new house also receives the QNG certification, the possible amount of funding provided by the two funding programs increases. The subsidy programmes cannot be combined.

Homeowners: The Lübker family from Butzbach
House building subsidy especially for families
WEF subsidy

With the KfW program "Home ownership for families" (WEF), families with at least one child have been able to apply for low-interest loans for house construction since June 2023.

Prefabricated house Villa 165
Home building subsidy for climate-friendly new builds
KFN subsidy

New applications will be possible again in March 2024. The funding volume is limited: We recommend to apply for funding early! 

On 1 March 2023, the KfW construction subsidy "Climate-friendly new build" started as a sub-programme of the Federal Subsidy for Efficient Buildings (BEG).

Your advantage at Hanse Haus: By complying with certain requirements, we can guarantee that your prefabricated house will receive QNG certification. And even if your dream home deviates from these specifications, we can apply for individual QNG certification for most homes.

Prefabricated house Villa 174 in Schwarzwald
QNG award – everyday life at Hanse Haus
QNG certification

The QNG (Quality Seal for Sustainable Building) proves that a building meets the ecological, socio-cultural and economic requirements defined by the Federal Building Ministry.

The advantage of Hanse Haus: Our prefabricated houses offer the best conditions to fulfil the requirements of the QNG. In addition, Hanse Haus is authorised to submit an application for certification itself, which makes the certification process really uncomplicated for you.


Esszimmer: Bauherren Familie Lübker aus Butzbach
Funding with loans and grants
State subsidies

The federal states also offer subsidies for building, buying or renovating houses, which are only available in the respective regions - therefore it is important to find out about the current subsidy options for new builds in the federal state in which you would like to build.

Similar to the KfW, you can obtain low-interest loans or grants from the respective state bank, for example. The conditions for the subsidies vary depending on the federal state. The offers are often aimed at families with children, but income limits may also be set and/or you may only use the new build yourself.


State subsidies

Baden-Württemberg: Wappen
When building a new home in Baden-Württemberg, homeowners receive support from the federal state in the form of subsidies from the L-Bank.
Bayern: Wappen
The state of Bavaria provides subsidies to support homeowners on their way to owning their own home. The programmes are handled by the BayernLabo development bank.
Berlin: Wappen
If you want to build your own home in Berlin, you can facilitate the financing with subsidies from Investitionsbank Berlin.
Brandenburg: Wappen
The federal state of Brandenburg also offers funding programmes for homeowners. These are processed via the Brandenburg Investment Bank.
Bremen: Wappen
To enable more homeowners in Bremen and Bremerhaven to fulfil their dream of owning their own home, the federal state of Bremen provides subsidies via the BAB development bank.
Hamburg: Wappen
The Hamburg Investment and Development Bank (IFB) supports homeowners in Hamburg in the realization of their house building project.
Hessen: Wappen
Homeowners in the state of Hesse can also apply for subsidies. The funding programmes are administered by the Wirtschafts- und Investitionsbank Hessen.
Niedersachsen: Wappen
Lower Saxony
The NBank is the development bank of the federal state of Lower Saxony, which also helps homeowners with funding for house construction.
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Wappen
Homeowners who want to build in this federal state can find the right funding through the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State Funding Institute.
Nordrhein-Westfalen: Wappen
North Rhine-Westphalia
Those who want to build a house in North Rhine-Westphalia as well as benefit from subsidies can obtain a financing from NRW.Bank.
Rheinland-Pfalz: Wappen
The federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate also makes it easier for homeowners to buy their own home with subsidy programmes - handled by the Investitions- und Strukturbank Rheinland-Pfalz (ISB).
Saarland: Wappen
When building a house in Saarland, homeowners benefit from the Saarland Housing Promotion Programme, which is administered by the SIKB development institute.
Sachsen: Wappen
The federal state of Saxony also offers homeowners the opportunity to save money when building a house with subsidies from the Sächsische Aufbau- und Förderbank (SAB).
Sachsen-Anhalt: Wappen
Anyone who wants to fulfill the dream of having their own home can receive support from the state in the form of subsidies from the Investitionsbank Sachsen-Anhalt.
Schleswig-Holstein: Wappen
To make it easier for homeowners to build their own home, the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein offers subsidies via the Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein.
Thüringen: Wappen
Homewoners in Thuringia have the opportunity to receive subsidies for house construction provided by the federal state via the Thüringer Aufbaubank.

Our ideas for your house construction

Come home. Experience. Feel good.
Variant 25-150
Let the sunshine in
141 m²
Picture from the prefab house bungalow 80 exterior view
Bungalow 80
Clever planning on one floor
80 m²
CUBUS - Fertighaus mit Flachdach von Hanse Haus
Cubus 162
Clear lines, cool looks
154 m²
DUO - Mehrfamilienhaus als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Duo 211
Living together in the multi-generational house
203 m²
VARIANT - Einfamilienhaus mit Satteldach als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Variant 35-160
Our flexibly designable prefabricated house with pitched roof
143 m²
VARIANT - Einfamilienhaus mit Satteldach als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Variant 25-192
Gladly at home in the prefabricated classic for your well-being.
182 m²
Bungalow 139
A house as you have always wanted one to be
132 m²
Picture from the prefab house villa 156 exterior view
Villa 156
Your own home, just the way you want it
150 m²
Semi-Detached House 137/126
Enough space for everyone
249 m²
Variant 25-135
Small house, big spatial wonder
124 m²
VARIANT - Einfamilienhaus mit Satteldach als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Variant 25-183
A home completely according to your style
173 m²
Grauer Hintergrund mit Überlagerung

Everything you need to know about the house building subsidy

Frequently asked questions
Why do housing subsidies exist for new buildings?

The construction of new houses plays a central role in the development and growth of a society. In Germany, the construction of new housing is thus promoted through targeted subsidies. These subsidies not only provide financial support for developers, but also have long-term social, economic and ecological effects.

1. Creation of living space

One of the key motivations for subsidizing new builds is the creation of much-needed living space. Germany now faces a challenge on the housing market, particularly in conurbations and large cities. Subsidy programs encourage builders to construct new buildings and thus contribute to solve the housing shortage.

2. Strengthening the construction industry

The construction of new homes also has a positive effect on the construction industry. Subsidies stimulate construction activities, which leads to increased demand for building materials, labour and services. This in turn creates jobs and promotes economic growth in the construction industry and related sectors.

3. Energy efficiency and sustainability

Another important aspect of subsidies for the construction of new homes in Germany is the promotion of energy efficiency and sustainability. In order to limit climate change and push the energy transition, builders are encouraged to construct energy-efficient buildings that use renewable energies. Funding is provided for thermal insulation measures, efficient heating and ventilation systems and the installation of solar panels or geothermal energy. These measures help to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and lower energy costs for residents in the long term.

4. Promotion of innovation and research

Funding programmes for new builds also support the development and implementation of innovative construction technologies and building materials. By investing in research and development, new methods and materials are discovered that make the construction industry more sustainable and efficient. The funding programmes enable builders to take advantage of these innovations and thus drive progress in the industry.

5. Strengthening social cohesion

The construction of new homes can also help to strengthen social cohesion in communities. Both rented flats and owner-occupied homes are subsidised in order to achieve a balanced social mix. This creates vibrant and diverse neighbourhoods in which people from different social and cultural backgrounds live together. New communities are created and social cohesion is strengthened.


Subsidies for the construction of new homes in Germany serve various purposes. They create much-needed living space, strengthen the construction industry, promote energy efficiency and sustainability, support innovation and strengthen social cohesion. Targeted investment in new construction not only meets the demand for housing, but also creates long-term social and economic benefits. It is an investment in Germany's future that promotes sustainable development and improves people's quality of life.

Is it possible for the church to subsidise house building?

It may be worth contacting your local government or church to find out about possible benefits or subsidies. The subsidies are often particularly geared towards families with children. Builders are sometimes supported with low-interest or even interest-free loans when building a house or receive discounts on the purchase of land.

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Marco Hammer
Managing Director
Hanse Haus

„You won't get any off-the-peg prefabricated houses from us, because we attach great importance to individuality. True to our motto Exactly my home, we build according to your wishes and ideas.“

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