Building a multi-party house with a living area of 109 to 596 m²

Condensed building

A multi-apartment house is divided into several separate flats. It is usually designed for several families or people living in separate areas, often sharing common areas such as the entrance, staircase or garden. Multi-apartment buildings come in different sizes - they can consist of two residential units or be very large and include many units. Our proposal designs show how multi-party houses can be realised in a wide variety of shapes and architectural styles. Let us inspire you!

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Multi-party houses with two to six residential units

House types

At Hanse Haus, you will find the right prefabricated house for every configuration. If you want to create two living units, you have the choice between flexibly plannable houses with a granny annexe, versatile two-family houses and modern multi-generational houses. 

More than two parties can be accommodated in our multi-family houses with three to six flats.

Prefabricated house Duo 211

Two-family prefabricated house Duo with two residential units

Two-family houses

The houses from our Duo house series have two living units that are next to each other or on top of each other. When the occupants live next to each other, one of the differences between this and a semi-detached house is that the two flats are often planned in different sizes. A separate type of house is the house with a granny annexe, where this imbalance is particularly pronounced.


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Prefabricated house Bungalow 160

Many advantages of a prefabricated house with granny apartment

Houses with granny flat

Space for two parties in a house can also be created by planning a granny flat. Such an additional living unit is usually smaller than the main flat of the house. The granny flat can be located either in an annex or directly in the structure of the house. In the case of houses on a slope, the basement is particularly suitable for integrating a granny flat.


to the prefabricated house with granny flat

Prefabricated house Duo 315 - Hanse Haus
A house for the whole family
Multigenerational houses

Multi-generation houses can look very different - depending on the planned use. As a rule, multigenerational houses have at least two separate living units that can be individually adapted to the needs of their residents in terms of size and room layout.


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Prefabricated multi-family house 4 residential units
Plenty of living space under one roof
Multi-family houses

Our multi-family houses contain three, four or six residential units. In our multi-family houses, all parties share a common entrance and are led to the respective flats via the corridors and stairs. The cellar is also shared by all residents.


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Why it pays to build a multi-party house


Factors such as sustainable building and space-saving construction are increasingly coming into focus. Building a multi-party house can reduce the built-up area compared to detached houses and save resources and costs, while at the same time creating living space for several parties.

Several parties

  • Space saving: Multi-party houses make it possible to accommodate several residential units in a limited space. This is particularly advantageous in urban areas where living space is scarce.
  • Cost savings: By sharing premises such as stairwells, entrances and outdoor areas, the costs of maintenance and repairs are spread over several parties, which leads to a reduction in costs. Multi-party houses can also be heated very efficiently due to low heat loss.
  • Social coexistence: Multi-party houses encourage several families or individuals to live together, which can lead to a sense of community and solidarity.
  • Security: In multi-party houses, better security is usually ensured, as several parties work together to ensure the security and surveillance of the building.
  • Environmental friendliness: By having several families or people living together in one building, resources such as energy and water can be used more efficiently, leading to greater environmental friendliness.

All our multi-party houses at a glance

Come home. Experience. Feel good.
Bungalow 160
Flexible and practical with granny flat
159 m²
Duo 203
A urban villa with two residential units
187 m²
Duo 210
Lots of privacy for everyone
189 m²
DUO - Mehrfamilienhaus als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Duo 211
Living together in the multi-generational house
203 m²
Duo 212
One for two
203 m²
Duo 225
An eye-catcher from inside and outside
217 m²
Duo 229
Spacious living with granny-flat
206 m²
Duo 315
Two families under one roof
257 m²
Multi-family house with four residential units
Four flats, many possible uses
399 m²
Multi-family house with six residential units
Six similarly sized flats - perfect for renting out
596 m²
Multi-family house with three residential units
Enough space for everyone in flats of different sizes
466 m²
VARIANT - Einfamilienhaus mit Satteldach als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Variant 25-150 with granny flat
A granny flat as an annexe
174 m²
VARIANT - Einfamilienhaus mit Satteldach als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Variant 25-166 with granny flat, variant 1
Two separate residential units with shared entrance
215 m²
VARIANT - Einfamilienhaus mit Satteldach als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Variant 25-166 with granny flat, variant 2
Separate entrances for both residential units ensure lots of privacy
211 m²
VARIANT - Einfamilienhaus mit Satteldach als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Variant 25-183 with granny flat
Small changes, big impact
171 m²
VARIANT - Einfamilienhaus mit Satteldach als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Variant 35-235 with granny flat
More space with a granny flat
212 m²
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Important information about our prefabricated multi-party house

Frequently asked questions
What does it cost to build a multi-party house?

Our diverse sample designs for multi-party houses already make it clear how different houses with more than one residential unit can look. Accordingly, the construction costs also differ depending on your wishes and ideas. As a general rule, the larger the house and the more elaborate the architecture and fittings, the higher the costs. 

However, the financial advantages that multi-party houses bring with them also play an important role: Benefit from subsidies that can be applied for per residential unit, make the house financing easier through rental income, share the construction costs with friends or family and take advantage of tax benefits.

What can floor plans for several parties look like?

Our architects have designed a variety of sample floor plans that can serve as inspiration for your multi-party house. They take up different constellations and wishes and show modern, well thought-out solutions for several parties in one house that are suitable for everyday use.

Two parties
To create a second living unit, for example, a smaller granny flat can be planned in addition to the larger main flat. The floor plan of a two-party house can also consist of two flats of approximately the same size, arranged one above the other or next to each other. In a semi-detached house, two houses are built next to each other. 

Three or more parties
If more than two residential units are to be created, several flats can also be integrated into one floor plan. In addition, the principle of the semi-detached house can easily be continued by building several houses directly next to each other.

Multi-party house as prefabricated house – is that possible?

Multi-party houses can be built in a wide variety of designs using prefabricated construction methods. Be inspired by our numerous proposed designs and build your individual semi-detached house, two-family house or detached house with granny flat as a prefabricated house with Hanse Haus.

You can create three or more residential units with our well-designed terraced houses and multi-family houses - also implemented as high-quality, optimally insulated wooden prefabricated houses.

What does a modern multi-party house look like?

The multi-party houses from Hanse Haus are equipped with optimal all-round thermal insulation and are therefore particularly energy-efficient. With modern heating technology and an optional photovoltaic system on the large roof areas, they meet all the requirements of a sustainable house. 

With their practical floor plans, which are suitable for everyday use and can be planned to be barrier-free or wheelchair-accessible, they offer the highest level of living comfort. They offer the perfect basis for a diverse, intergenerational residential community. 

You don't have to compromise on architecture with our multi-party houses either: Generous balconies on the multi-family house for six parties or a two-family house in a spacious city villa with a hipped roof make them a visual highlight from the inside and outside.