Building a prefabricated terraced house with a living space of 110 to 159 m² per residential unit

Optimum use of building land

The perfect solution for smaller plots and rising costs: in a terraced house, three or more individual houses are built directly next to each other. All detached houses have their own external walls so that they also function as a stand-alone house. A distinction is made between the end terraced house, which forms one end of the terraced house, and the centre terraced house, which is surrounded by two other houses. Take advantage of prefabricated terraced houses to make the most of small plots and reduce operating costs.

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Terraced House 118 Variant 1
One house, many possibilities
110 m²
Terraced House 118 Variant 2
Optimum use of valuable building land
110 m²
Terraced House 118 Variant 3
Small plot, spacious home
153 m²
Terraced House 118 Variant 4
A terraced house can be so individual and flooded with light
159 m²
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Good reasons for building a terraced house

Terraced house advantages

Factors such as space-saving construction and sustainability are playing an increasingly important role. And it is precisely in these areas that the terraced house can score particularly well: It allows living space for several parties to be created in a small area, while at the same time saving resources and costs.

Prefabricated terraced house 118: Variant 4
Less building land required
Vorteil 1

For several residential units housed in a terraced house, a much smaller building site is required overall than for the same number of detached single-family homes with the same living space. This is because certain distances from the property boundaries must be maintained when building a house. A terraced house forms one building, so this additional space required on the plot is smaller.

In view of the shortage of land in many places and rising prices, the terraced house is a good alternative for realising the dream of owning your own home.

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Prefabricated semi-detached house 164
Particularly low construction costs
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Compared to a detached single-family home, the construction costs for a terraced house are usually lower.

The costs of developing the land for a terraced house can often be shared between the builders.

Prefabricated semi-detached house 35-124
Less energy consumption, lower heating costs
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The fact that the individual houses in a terraced house are built directly next to each other means that heat and energy losses are very low - especially in a mid-terraced house: the residential units warm each other and there are no external walls that are affected by the weather. This reduces running costs while at the same time conserving valuable resources. 

Supply pipes and connections in a terraced house are planned in such a way that energy and water consumption can be billed individually for each house.

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Prefabricated terraced house 118: Variant 2
Diverse utilisation options
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Your prefabricated terraced house offers you numerous different options for use.

Perhaps it makes sense for you to build a terraced house together with like-minded people, friends or family. This way, they live right next door to each other, while all parties have enough privacy thanks to the separate entrances. 

Alternatively, you can also build a terraced house on your own, live in one house yourself and rent out or sell the other residential units.

House floor plan: Terraced house

Our cleverly planned terraced house floor plans

Floor plans terraced house

A well thought-out floor plan is particularly important for terraced houses: detached houses tend to be narrow and deep and are built high up to make optimum use of the space on the plot. In addition, terraced townhouses usually have to make do without windows on two sides.

Our design for terraced house 118 shows how generous living space can also be created in terraced houses and how cleverly placed windows allow plenty of daylight into the interior of each detached house.


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Frequently asked questions
What does a prefabricated terraced house cost?

The cost of building a terraced house depends primarily on its total area, roof shape, architectural style, fittings and any extras. Compared to a detached single-family home, a much smaller plot of land is required and the construction costs are generally lower. 

The chosen construction method, on the other hand, is less decisive for the price: there is usually hardly any difference between a prefabricated terraced house and a solidly built terraced house.

How big does the plot need to be for a terraced house?

Our terraced house designs from Hanse Haus can be realised on small plots from 300 square metres. 

In principle, you need a much smaller building plot to build a terraced house than for a detached single-family home with the same living space. This is due to the fact that fixed distances to the property boundaries must be maintained when building a house. If you build several houses directly next to each other, as with a terraced house, you save valuable space on the plots.

Is a terraced house also a detached house?

The term "detached house" is usually associated with a detached building on its own plot of land. However, this term actually only means that a house has one residential unit - unlike a semi-detached or multi-family house or a house with a granny flat. 

In a terraced house, several individual houses built directly next to each other form a closed row. The individual houses are generally inhabited by one party at a time, making it a form of single-family house.

Which is better - semi-detached or terraced house?

Both designs have similar advantages, so the decision depends on your personal wishes and preferences. 

End terraced houses are basically no different from semi-detached houses: They also connect directly to the neighbouring house on one side. Mid-terraced houses, on the other hand, are built between two houses and therefore usually have to make do without windows on two sides. However, a clever floor plan can also turn a mid-terraced house into a bright, friendly home. 

Another special feature of terraced houses is that the individual houses are often rather narrow and deep and are built upwards in order to make optimum use of the space on the plot.

Annette Müller
Hanse Haus architect Annette Müller
Individually designed terraced house

Enough space for the whole family, a spacious home for couples or as a comfortable retirement home: 

„Our 118 terraced house design offers an optimal basis for your individually planned terraced house that perfectly matches your wishes and needs.“