Building a prefabricated semi-detached house with a living space of 109 to 152 m² per half of the house

Save together

In a semi-detached house, two detached houses are built directly next to each other. Each semi-detached house is an independent residential unit with a separate entrance. Semi-detached houses are usually built symmetrically and with identical façades. Of course, different floor plans can be realised in both halves of the semi-detached house, so that every builder can build their prefabricated house exactly according to their individual wishes. Take advantage of the benefits of a semi-detached house to get more out of the limited plot area or simply to have your parents or friends close by.

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Our semi-detached houses
Doppelhaus als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Semi-Detached House 25-125
Lots of headroom in your Semi-Detached House
116 m²
Semi-Detached House 35-124
Expensive plots optimally used
110 m²
Doppelhaus als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Semi-Detached House 35-130
Here’s to good neighbours
114 m²
Doppelhaus als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Semi-Detached House 45-123
Modern living on small plots
109 m²
Doppelhaus Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Semi-Detached House 135
Individual architecture with a sense of aesthetics
128 m²
Semi-Detached House 137/126
Enough space for everyone
249 m²
Doppelhaus Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Semi-Detached House 139
Comfortable living in just your style
131 m²
Semi-Detached House 144
A house as individual as its occupants
136 m²
Semi-Detached House 164
Enough space for all the family
141 m²
Semi-Detached House 176
Having everyone under one roof makes family life fun
152 m²
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Configure your prefabricated semi-detached house or simply an alternative house type

Prefabricated house variants
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Good reasons for building a semi-detached house

Semi-detached house advantages

Whether classic pitched roof architecture, elegant villas with hipped roofs, cubic buildings with flat roofs or modern structures with monopitch roofs - our semi-detached houses offer the right basis for every taste and every requirement and can be designed flexibly. There is also enough space for both grandparents and two families.

Prefabricated semi-detached house 176
Less building land required
Advantage 1

With rising prices and a shortage of land, a semi-detached house - such as a two-family house or terraced house - is a good alternative.

Less building land is required for a semi-detached house than for two detached single-family homes. This is because certain distances from the property boundaries must be maintained when building a house. If two residential units are accommodated in one house, these distances are only required once. This saves valuable building land and money.

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Prefabricated house Bungalow 139: Utility room
Lower construction and development costs
Advantage 2

Compared to a detached house, the construction costs for a semi-detached house are lower. The costs for some purchases are also lower, as the heating and building services, for example, can be purchased and shared together.

For a semi-detached house, only a single connection to the supply network with sewerage, electricity, heating, water, satellite aerial and telecommunications is sufficient. This reduces the one-off costs for the entire development.

Prefabricated house Variant 35-176: Living
Less energy consumption, lower heating costs
Advantage 3

Building two houses side by side results in significant savings in heating costs. One half of the semi-detached house heats the other and vice versa, so that less valuable heating energy is lost and resources are conserved.

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Entrance: Homeowner family Heckwolf/Meyer from Münster
Many utilisation options
Advantage 4

You can use your prefabricated semi-detached house in a variety of ways. Perhaps it makes sense for you to build the semi-detached house together with friends or family. You live in one half and the grandparents live in the other half, for example. The separate entrances give both parties enough privacy.

Alternatively, you can build the semi-detached house alone and live in one half of the house yourself. You can rent out the other half, sell it or set up your office, practice or hairdressing salon there, for example. Or you can rent out both halves of the semi-detached house completely.

House floor plan: Semi-detached house

Collect ideas for your own semi-detached house

Floor plans semi-detached house

Are you interested in a semi-detached house? Our experienced architects have designed some well thought-out concepts for bright, modern semi-detached houses to inspire you.

We have illustrated all our proposed floor plans on one page so that you can gather ideas for your own semi-detached house.


Discover semi-detached house floor plans

Homeowner family Römmelt: Architectural discussion

Building your individually customised prefabricated semi-detached house

Individually planned

Would you like to build a double house and find our suggestions interesting, but not perfect? No problem.

No matter whether you are thinking of a two-generation house with grandma and grandpa or would prefer to build a semi-detached house together with friends: Our experienced architects will sit down with you to discuss your specific wishes and dreams. This is how the design for your very personal dream semi-detached house is created.


Individually customised prefabricated house according to your wishes

Prefabricated semi-detached house 25-125

Particularly popular: the prefabricated semi-detached house with a low roof pitch

Semi-detached house favourite

Our semi-detached house designs with a 25 degree roof pitch and a high kneeling storey are very popular with our builders.

The advantages: Plenty of headroom in the attic, a modern exterior and architecture that is approved in many building areas.

Our semi-detached house design 25-125 with approx. 116 m² of living space per half of the house shows what this can look like.


Discover semi-detached house 25-125

Prefabricated semi-detached house 242

Example of an individually planned semi-detached house

Customer house

This semi-detached house with a gable roof is optimally tailored to the sloping plot of our builder family and was designed to match the neighbouring buildings.

You enter the semi-detached house via the basement: the entrance door, garage and carport are located on the access road at the foot of the slope. The ground floor is mainly characterised by the L-shaped living, dining and cooking area with access to the terrace. In addition to two children's rooms and the family bathroom, the top floor features a bright bedroom with dressing room.

Important information about our prefabricated semi-detached houses

Frequently asked questions
How much does it cost to build two semi-detached houses?

How high the construction costs for two semi-detached houses ultimately turn out to be depends on various factors: 

The total area of the two halves of the house is one of the main factors determining the costs. 

Roof shape
A semi-detached house can be realised with different roof shapes, which are also associated with different costs. Flat roofs, monopitch roofs and pitched roofs are among the more favourable roof shapes. 

The construction costs for the semi-detached house also include the fittings and interior fittings, which can vary in complexity and quality. 

Finishing stage
A semi-detached house from Hanse Haus is just right for builders who want to save money by building a semi-detached house themselves. Although turnkey semi-detached houses are more expensive, they are ready to move into straight away.

How big does the plot need to be for a semi-detached house?

The size of the plot required to build a semi-detached house depends firstly on the planned floor area of the semi-detached house and secondly on the specified distances to the property boundaries that must be observed in your town or municipality. 

In principle, however, it can be said that a semi-detached house requires less land area than two detached single-family houses with the same living space: if two residential units are built directly next to each other, the stipulated distances only have to be observed on three sides of the house halves. This saves both valuable building land and costs.

Is a semi-detached house cheaper than a detached house?

Compared to two detached single-family homes, it can be financially worthwhile to build two semi-detached houses next to each other: 

  • Each of the parties requires less plot area and saves money in the process: semi-detached houses can be built on narrow plots. Compared to a detached house, there are no prescribed distance areas.
  • The costs for developing the building site can be borne jointly by both parties. 
  • The fact that the two halves of the house are built directly next to each other means that one half of the house heats the other and less heating energy is lost. This results in significant savings in terms of costs and resources. 
  • Both parties can also save by making joint purchases. Even heating and building services can often be bought and shared together.
But would you prefer a multi-family house instead of a semi-detached house?

Like the terraced house, the semi-detached house has the advantage of creating several residential units, while each party lives in a separate, self-contained unit with its own entrance.

This degree of privacy is also possible in semi-detached or multi-family houses by equipping each flat with its own front door. However, there are often shared areas in two or multi-family houses, such as the entrance area, stairwell, utility room or even the garden. 

Which variant you prefer depends on your personal preferences on the one hand and on the planned use of the house on the other: in a multi-generational house with grandparents, for example, it may even be the wish of all residents to be close to each other.

Prefabricated semi-detached house 137-126
Semi-detached house 137-126
Show house

Our show home in Poing near Munich shows how flexibly semi-detached houses can be planned: 

The two halves of the semi-detached house are different sizes and also differ in their room layout. The smaller half of the house offers space for two to three people. The larger semi-detached house is designed to make a family feel at home.