Building a prefabricated two-family house with a living area of 187 to 257 m²

One home. Two homes.

Two families under one roof – with our Duo house series we present very different house designs with two living units. Whether as a multi-generational house, for friendly families or with a separate flat to rent out: A two-family house can be used flexibly and planned just as individually. The two flats can be roughly the same size and arranged next to each other, or one above the other and share a common staircase. In some of our two-family houses, a granny flat is assigned to a "main house".

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Hanse Haus Duo
Duo 203
A urban villa with two residential units
187 m²
Duo 210
Lots of privacy for everyone
189 m²
DUO - Mehrfamilienhaus als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Duo 211
Living together in the multi-generational house
203 m²
Duo 212
One for two
203 m²
Duo 225
An eye-catcher from inside and outside
217 m²
Duo 229
Spacious living with granny-flat
206 m²
Duo 315
Two families under one roof
257 m²
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What are the advantages of a prefabricated two-family house?


As diverse as two-family houses and their possible uses are – they all bring some advantages for their residents. Do you attach great importance to sustainable building and would you like to benefit from the advantages of a residential community? Then a two-family house is just the thing for you.


The two-family house is a sustainable concept:

  • Two families find space in one house, so that valuable building land is used sustainably.
  • In terms of environmental compatibility and energy efficiency, the two-family house is convincing - especially in sustainable prefabricated timber construction. Due to the interface with the second residential unit, less heating is required overall and heat loss is minimised. The lower energy consumption conserves resources and reduces running costs.

Support in everyday life

Shared apartment in a two-family house: 

  • You can choose your nearest neighbours yourself. Despite all the proximity, the two-family house offers private retreat options.
  • Especially in a house for generations, living together can be enriching. The shared apartment offers wonderful moments with the family. In addition, it can provide relief in everyday life: the older residents receive support in the household or with errands, for example, and help out with childcare themselves.
House floor plan: Two-family house

Our two-family house floor plans as inspiration for you

Two-family house floor plans

You want to build a two-family house and are thinking about how the floor plan should be designed? Then why not let our draft proposals inspire you and gather ideas for your individual floor plan – with two flats on top of each other, next to each other or in the main house and extension.


Discover prefabricated two-family house floor plans

Prefabricated house Duo 210

Realise your individual two-family house with us

Individual planning

The flexible planning options are one of the greatest strengths of our two-family houses: the right two-family house floor plan can be found for every living constellation. Our draft proposals show how different this can look.

If you build a two-family house, you don't have to compromise on the architecture. A second living unit can be accommodated in a classic city villa as well as in a modern extension with a flat roof.


Individual planning

Prefabricated house Duo 203

Living on top of each other in a two-family house

Two flats on
two floors

In the classic two-family house, the two residential units are often arranged one above the other, so that each party occupies its own floor. A common entrance to the house leads to a staircase with access to the flats.

An urban villa with two full storeys offers the best conditions for planning two similarly sized living units on top of each other in a two-family house: without sloping ceilings, a spacious flat with full room height is also created on the upper floor.


View sample design DUO 203 

Prefabricated house Duo 229

Living next door to each other in a two-family house

Second residential unit next door

However, the two residential units can also be located next to each other in a two-family house and share the utility and technical room, for example. 

Our generous Duo 229 design shows how a smaller, single-storey flat can be accommodated next to a larger "main flat" in a two-family house. Each of the two residential units has a separate entrance to the house.


View sample design Duo 229

Prefabricated house Duo 225

The two-family house with extension

Own area in the common house

Living together in a two-family house while both parties have their own area - this can be achieved, for example, by moving the second living unit into an annex.

This solution can be flexibly adapted according to the conditions on the property and the wishes and needs of the residents.


View sample design Duo 225

Two living units, many possibilities with your prefabricated two-family house

Frequently asked questions

When is a house a two-family house?

One speaks of a two-family house when two self-contained and independently usable living units are accommodated in one house. The two living areas are structurally separated from each other and are equipped with at least a living room, bedroom, bathroom and cooking facilities.

Two-family house or semi-detached house – what is the difference?

Whereas in a semi-detached house two residential units are housed in one house, a semi-detached house consists of two individual houses built directly next to each other. Each of the two semi-detached houses is an independent residential unit with its own entrance. 

As a rule, the two semi-detached houses are identical in size and are built symmetrically with matching façades. The floor plans of the two semi-detached houses can be designed independently of each other.

Are there financial advantages to building with friends?

If you realise the dream of owning your own home together with friends, you benefit from a number of advantages, especially financial ones, and end up living wall to wall with good friends.

A two-family house, like a semi-detached house, is an optimal solution if two families who are friends want to build a house together. While a semi-detached house offers even more privacy, in a two-family house rooms such as the technical or utility room can be shared. 

If one party needs less space, a house with a granny flat is a good option.

Can a two-family house be used as a multi-generation house?

A multi-generational residential community in a two-family house combines time with the family and mutual support in everyday life with enough space and retreat options for each house inhabitant.

When different generations from grandparents to parents to children live together under one roof, it is important to consider the wishes and needs of each generation. A particularly high level of living comfort for older residents is offered, for example, by a barrier-free flat located on the ground floor of the house.

Can flats in a two-family house be rented out?

Builders often opt for a two-family house because they want to rent out the second residential unit. The rental income can then facilitate the financing of the house construction project, for example.

If, for example, a granny flat is rented out, the rental income is taxable, but in return the costs for the construction, maintenance or modernisation of the granny flat can be tax-deductible.

Working at home – possible in a two-family house?

The additional living space in the two-family house can also be used commercially, for example as a separate office area, with the approval of the competent authority.

By structurally separating the two units, the advantages of working from home and the separation of professional and private life can be perfectly harmonised. If visitors, clients or colleagues are frequently received in the work area, a separate entrance is a practical option.

Bauherren: Familie Schütte aus Hamburg
Homeowner Dr. Schütte
Duo 211

Our builder lives with his spouse in 138 m² and has rented out the 73 m² second flat to friends.

„Since we planned the house from the outset for us and a family of friends, the floor plan was adapted to the wishes of both parties.“