One for two

Duo 212

This housing design is also a two-storey villa with a hipped roof. Here, however, the granny flat is not housed in an extension, but within the main structure of the building. This makes sense in terms of energy costs – savings being made on heating. The two entrances are on two different sides, which ensures more privacy. On the upper floor there is plenty of space for a larger family, with the possibility of three children’s rooms, a separate children’s bathroom and a generous amount of space for the parents.

Roof form Pavilion roof
Roof inclination25°
Living space granny flat41,64 m²
Living space main dwelling162,28 m²
Base area granny flat41,64 m²
Base area main dwelling168,82 m²
Number of floors2


  • bay window with flat roof
Küche in einem Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Wohnzimmer mit Couch und Tisch in einem Fertighaus von Hanse Haus

floor plan

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Ground floor
Planning option ground floor
Planning option loft

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