Basement or floor slab

A fundamental decision

What does your property look like? How much space do you want for your home? How high is your building budget? These factors are decisive in determining whether a basement or a floor slab is better suited to your building project. It often makes sense to build with a basement, especially for properties on slopes. If the basement is open to the valley side, living space can be created in the basement, which is ideal for a granny flat, for example. Even on smaller plots, the lack of space can be compensated for by building deeper.

What suits your home better?

Advantages in comparison

Advantages basement

  • Storage and storage space, space for building and heating technology
  • Many possible uses: Workshop, hobby room, sauna, utility room, home cinema, fitness room, …
  • Can be converted into additional living space if the conditions are right: teenager's room, office, separate granny flat, …

Advantages floor slab

  • Lower costs compared to a basement (earthworks, materials) and lower risk of unexpected costs (earthworks)
  • Scores points in terms of energy efficiency: can be easily insulated 
  • Enables barrier-free living

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Alternatives to the basement

Further options

In addition to a floor slab or basement, there are two compromise solutions that may suit your requirements exactly: For example, how about building a partial basement instead of a full basement? And when building with a floor slab, a basement replacement room creates additional space.

Prefabricated house Villa 178

A good compromise instead of a prefabricated house with a basement

Partial basement

With this option, only part of the floor area of the house has a basement. In most cases, this can save costs compared to a full basement, while still providing additional space in the house. 

In our show home Villa 178 in Oberleichtersbach, such a partial basement was realised. In addition to more storage space, it provides space for the building and heating technology.


Discover Villa 178

Prefabricated house Variant 35-160: Extension option: Technical room and garage

Extension instead of prefabricated basement

Basement replacement room

A basement replacement room is an extension to the house or an additional building outside the living area. A basement replacement room is often planned as an extension to the garage or between the house and garage.

It can either be unheated or located within the thermal envelope. The basement replacement room is usually used as a storage room and is particularly suitable for items that are needed outside, such as lawnmowers, garden furniture, bicycles or firewood.

The disadvantage is that a basement spare room takes up additional space on your property.

Important information about building a house with a basement or floor slab

Frequently asked questions
Does Hanse Haus take care of the planning and construction?

You can also purchase the floor slab or basement for your new home from us as a single source. We plan the foundation and ensure that it is executed correctly.

A ground evaluation is also included in our Hanse Haus scope of services and offers you the security that the execution of all services can be adapted to the geological conditions of your property.

You can find details on the floor slab and basement in our construction specifications, which we will be happy to send you. Our specialist consultants will also be happy to inform you about your options.


What do prefabricated house floor plans with basement look like?

The floor plan for your prefabricated house with basement can be planned individually at Hanse Haus according to your wishes. The differences to floor plans without basements are that the building services and utility room are often relocated to the basement. Less additional storage space is usually planned because there is enough room in the basement.

We have designed various example homes with basements for you. For example:

  • Our multi-family houses with three or more residential units are all planned with a basement that can be used by all residents.
  • Our Variant 25-166 design includes a granny flat in the basement.
  • With the planning option for Bungalow 113, we show you how the basement can be skilfully integrated into a bungalow floor plan.
  • And the planning option for our Cubus 148 design shows a possible basement layout with storage space, utility room and spacious hobby room.
Are there show homes with basements?

To give you a personal impression of a prefabricated house with a basement, we have also installed basements in some of our show houses, for example:

  • Our show home in Estenfeld near Würzburg, a Variant 35-176, is built on a slope. There is a separate apartment in the basement.
  • At our company headquarters in Oberleichtersbach, our Villa 178 show home demonstrates what a partial basement can look like.
Can a garage be installed in the basement?

Depending on the conditions of the property, it can be a good solution to plan the garage in the basement and thus make optimum use of the available space. Our individually planned customer house shows what this can look like.

Basement or floor slab - what suits you?

New construction

A basement with plenty of storage space and room for your favourite hobby? Or would you prefer a floor slab that scores with lower costs? This is probably one of the most fundamental questions when planning a house. In this video, we give you an overview of the advantages of a basement or a floor slab.

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