The prefabricated Villa 178 in Buchrasen in Oberleichtersbach: Hanse Haus’s second variant of the Villa 177

Villa 178

Compared to the layout of the show house in Villingen-Schwenningen (Villa 177), in this model the living area on the ground floor – instead of the kitchen – has been enlarged with an extension. Once again, this creates not just more living space but also a covered terrace area – ideal for a large dining area outdoors.

On the upper floor as well, the changes to the basic layout are only minimal. And why not? Because with the two large children’s rooms, the master bedroom with dressing room and the extremely spacious bathroom, which even offers space for a sauna on request, it already meets the most important living requirements.

With the show home Villa 178 in Oberleichtersbach, we will now demonstrate which option is available in addition to a full basement or a floor slab. If you don’t wish to have a basement under the entire house, but still want to hide the technical installations and storage space for supplies in the basement, a partial basement is a cost-effective alternative. Particularly in homes with lots of floor space, a full basement would often be too large and create space that simply isn’t needed.


Take a virtual tour through this prefabricated house by Hanse Haus.


Roof form Hipped roof
Roof inclination25 °
Living space182,02 m²
Base area228,46 m²
Number of floors2

Special features & extras

Experience this house in person:

Buchstraße 3
97789 Oberleichtersbach
Telephone 09741-808-0


Possible extensions:

  • enlarged living area
  • covered terrace
  • partial basement

Floor plan

Get an impression of this house through the floor plans. We will show you our planning suggestions, which of course can be customised on request.

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