A prefabricated house or a solid house? Learn more about the advantages of a prefabricated house and make a conscious decision

Advantages of a
prefabricated house

For many years, since 1929 to be exact, we have been building houses – prefabricated houses. That’s why we also know all the advantages of prefabricated houses and the ways in which solid houses differ from prefabricated ones.

A short summary of the advantages of prefabricated houses

The advantages
  • Fixed building costs
  • Short construction time
  • Weather-independent construction (even in winter)
  • Inspiration from show homes
  • Four different levels of completion
  • Consultation, construction and coordination – everything from a single source
  • Sampling in one place
  • Customised architectural planning for more freedom
  • High quality thanks to precise prefabrication and years of experience
  • Energy efficiency through the best thermal insulation and modern heating technology
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An unambiguous and clear description of construction services and fixtures, a pre-set price for your prefabricated house, and a fixed price guarantee ensure security.
The dry construction method, the prefabrication of the house in the factory as well as precisely planned and optimised processes ensure a smooth construction process and a short construction time.
Show homes from the prefabricated house with pitched roof and Cubus house to our Urban Villa can be visited in advance. They provide inspiration and make reaching a decision easier.

The assembly of a prefabricated home by Hanse Haus in just a few days

House assembly
in no time

Unlike a solid house, a prefabricated house can be assembled in just a few days. Bad weather or the onset of winter are no obstacles to the smooth construction of a prefabricated house.

Your new home will be erected in no time and waiting for you to move in.

Be there in person during the assembly of a Hanse Haus home – from the individual planning to the finished house.

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Reasons that simply speak in favour of a prefabricated house

More advantages
of a prefabricated house

Four different levels of completion

At Hanse Haus, you can choose from four different completion levels for your prefabricated house.

Thus you decide whether you wish to complete a partially finished house by yourself or buy a house with technical installations, a near turnkey house or a fully equipped house that is ready to move into – a so-called turnkey house.

Compared to the construction of a new solid house, you can save a lot of money by choosing the right completion level for your prefabricated house – and spare your nerves.


Our Hanse Haus completion levels

Everything from a single source at Hanse Haus

When building your prefabricated home with Hanse Haus, you will have a construction partner at your side who coordinates everything from planning to moving in, and implements this with his or her own craftsmen. This makes building a prefabricated house so relaxed compared to building a solid house.

You receive all services from a single source and can rest assured that the work will be carried out by real construction professionals.

Even after the house is handed over, Hanse Haus will remain at your side with their proven customer service to answer your questions and provide solutions to your problems.



Individual planning & home fixtures

Yes, you’d assume that a solid house allows more flexibility for individual planning. However, with a prefabricated house from Hanse Haus, you have the following advantages. Firstly, you can choose from many pre-planned house models. Secondly, you can have your house individually adapted by an architect to suit your wishes and needs.

Unlike solid houses, prefabricated houses let you choose home fixtures at our large Fixture Centre, where you can select all the furnishings for your house in one place. So practical!


Individual planning for prefabricated houses

High energy efficiency

Energy savers take note: when you build your prefabricated home with Hanse Haus, you’ll benefit from optimal thermal insulation of the walls, roof, windows and doors, which are certainly as good as the insulation of solid houses.

When it comes to heating technology, you decide for yourself how environmentally friendly and energy-efficient your prefabricated home should be. Depending on your environmental awareness and the available resources, everything is possible – from geothermal to photovoltaic heating.

Make your dream of an energy-efficient house or a plus-energy house, which will make you self-sufficient, come true.


Heating technology in a HANSE HAUS prefabricated house