A prefabricated house or a solid house? Learn more about the advantages of a prefabricated house and make a conscious decision

Advantages of a
prefabricated house

For many years, since 1929 to be exact, we have been building houses – prefabricated houses. That’s why we also know all the advantages of prefabricated houses and the ways in which solid houses differ from prefabricated ones.

A short summary of the advantages of prefabricated houses

The advantages
  • Fixed building costs
  • Short construction time
  • Weather-independent construction (even in winter)
  • Inspiration from show homes
  • Four different levels of completion
  • Consultation, construction and coordination – everything from a single source
  • Sampling in one place
  • Customised architectural planning for more freedom
  • High quality thanks to precise prefabrication and years of experience
  • Energy efficiency through the best thermal insulation and modern heating technology
Grauer Hintergrund mit Überlagerung
An unambiguous and clear description of construction services and fixtures, a pre-set price for your prefabricated house, and a fixed price guarantee ensure security.
Short construction time
The dry construction method, the prefabrication of the house in the factory as well as precisely planned and optimised processes ensure a smooth construction process and a short construction time.
Show homes from the prefabricated house with pitched roof and Cubus house to our Urban Villa can be visited in advance. They provide inspiration and make reaching a decision easier.

The assembly of a prefabricated home by Hanse Haus in just a few days

House assembly
in no time

Unlike a solid house, a prefabricated house can be assembled in just a few days. Bad weather or the onset of winter are no obstacles to the smooth construction of a prefabricated house.

Your new home will be erected in no time and waiting for you to move in.

Be there in person during the assembly of a Hanse Haus home – from the individual planning to the finished house.