Prefabricated or solid house? Make a conscious decision

Advantages of prefabricated houses

Reasons that simply speak in favour of a prefabricated house: we have been building houses - and prefabricated houses in fact - for many years, since 1929 to be exact. We know the advantages of prefabricated construction as well as the points in which a solid house differs from a prefabricated house.

Is a prefabricated house the right choice for you? We have summarised our prefabricated house advantages for you here:


Rethinking your home: You can build on these prefabricated house benefits

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Fixed construction costs

No hidden additional costs

At Hanse Haus, extensive services are already included in the house price. Our clear description of the construction work and equipment in conjunction with a fixed price and a fixed price guarantee gives you security when building your house. 

As soon as you are satisfied with the planning and equipment of your house, a calculation is drawn up that defines the fixed price. If no further changes are made to the scope of delivery and services, we guarantee this fixed price.

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Fair price-performance ratio
Short construction time

High quality thanks to precise prefabrication

In contrast to a solid construction house, a prefabricated house can be assembled in just a few days. Bad weather or the onset of winter are no obstacle to a smooth construction phase. Your new home will be built in a short space of time and is waiting for you to move in.

The dry construction method, the pre-production of the prefabricated house in the factory and precisely planned and optimized processes ensure routine assembly and a short construction time.

More about the construction process at Hanse Haus

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Individual planning

Customised architectural planning for more leeway

At first glance, you might assume that a solid construction house allows more flexibility in planning.

However, modern prefabricated houses also offer you maximum design freedom: At Hanse Haus, you can be inspired by a variety of pre-planned house designs or design your prefabricated house from scratch. Our experienced architecture team will realise your individual wishes. 

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Precisely tailored to you
Four completion levels

Save money or move in relaxed

At Hanse Haus, you can choose from four completion levels for your prefabricated house. You decide for yourself whether you would like to buy a self-build house, a technically finished or almost finished house or a house that is completely ready to move into, the so-called turnkey house.

Compared to building a new solid house, you can save a lot of money and spare your nerves by choosing the right completion level for your prefabricated house.

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Flexible and customised
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Everything from a single source

Work by real building professionals

When building your Hanse Haus, you have a construction partner at your side who coordinates everything from planning to moving in and realises everything with their own craftsmen. This is what makes prefabricated house construction so relaxed compared to solid house construction.

A large sampling centre allows you to select all the house fittings in one place. Simply practical! After the house has been handed over, Hanse Haus is at your side with its tried and tested customer service for questions and problem solutions.

Your way to the Hanse-Haus

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Exactly my home
High energy efficiency

Attention energy savers

When building your prefabricated house, you benefit from optimum thermal insulation of walls, roof, windows and doors, which can easily compete with the insulation of solid houses.

When it comes to heating technology, you decide for yourself how environmentally friendly and energy-efficient you want your home to be - everything is possible, from geothermal energy to photovoltaics. Become self-sufficient with an energy-efficient house or an energy-plus house.

Heating technology systems in comparison

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Efficient overall package
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Sustainable construction

Certified by the German Sustainable Building Council

Anyone who opts for a prefabricated house in timber panel construction is building CO₂-neutral. We use local timber from sustainable forestry, which, as a renewable, natural raw material, offers an ideal, healthy alternative to conventional building materials.

The all-round thermal insulation of our prefabricated houses and our selection of modern heating systems that utilise renewable energy can save valuable resources.

Sustainable building with Hanse Haus

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DGNB Silver, DGNB Gold and DGNB Platinum

General information on prefabricated houses

Frequently asked questions
What is a prefabricated house?

What makes prefabricated construction so special

The individual parts of a prefabricated house (walls, ceilings, roof, windows) are manufactured in a production hall and then transported to the site. There, the elements are assembled within a few days so that the prefabricated house is completed on site, similar to a conventionally built house.

Most prefabricated house suppliers (such as Hanse Haus) use wood as a building material, but there are also manufacturers who work with concrete or lightweight concrete.

What is the quality of prefabricated houses like?

Quality without compromise

Today's prefabricated houses are high-quality, individual and cannot be compared with the prefabricated houses of past decades. The precise prefabrication of the houses in the factory, continuous further development of construction technology and years of experience in prefabricated construction ensure a very high standard of quality. 

Hanse Haus is a member of the renowned quality associations in the construction industry, which carry out recognised monitoring and quality control of the prefabricated houses and production.

How long can you live in a prefabricated house?

A long-lasting home

The lifespan of prefabricated houses is no different from that of a conventionally built house.

Hanse Haus builds its houses according to the specifications of the Qualitätsgemeinschaft deutscher Fertigbau (QDF). In expert assessments, the prefabricated houses are certified to have a lifespan of more than 100 years. The concern often expressed about the longevity of houses in timber frame construction is therefore unfounded.

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