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Floor plans for your home

It is often not so easy to find the perfect layout for your dream home. For this reason, our architects have designed numerous house layouts for you to draw inspiration from. Of course, we will then plan your own house exactly according to your wishes and requirements. With us, every house is unique and there are no limits to individuality. Here you will find inspiration for planning your house floor plan as well as a guide with 11 important tips that you should bear in mind when designing your floor plan.

Floor plan examples from Hanse Haus

Plan house floor plan

Which floor plan is right for you? Depending on whether you are looking for a house with a pitched roof, an urban villa, a barrier-free bungalow or a house for more than one party, the floor plans differ considerably. Here you will find examples of floor plans for a wide variety of house types.

House floor plan: Single-family house
House floor plans for a family
The house for the whole family

Are you planning a house for your family and the roof shape of your future home is of secondary importance? Then explore our completely customizable house layouts with gable, hip, tent, monopitch and flat roofs.


Discover single-family house floor plans

House floor plan: Bungalow
Modern bungalow floor plans
Living on one level

Is your plot large enough to build your entire home on one level? Are you looking for inspiration for your retirement home or would you like to live barrier-free for other reasons? We have listed our most popular bungalow floor plans here.


Discover bungalow floor plans

House floor plan: City villa
Modern city villa floor plans
Living on two full storeys

Do you like houses with flat roofs and high kneeling floors? Explore our urban villa concepts and find out what advantages an urban villa has to offer.


Discover city villa floor plans

House floor plan: Prefabricated house with granny apartment
Modern houses with granny apartment
One house, two residential units

Are you looking for inspiration for your house with granny apartment? Explore our draft proposals and find out which points you should pay particular attention to when planning.


Discover floor plans with granny apartment 

House floor plan: Semi-detached house
Prefabricated house floor plans for semi-detached houses
Wall to wall with the neighbor

When planning a semi-detached house, there are other factors to consider than with a detached house. This makes well thought-out concepts from experienced architects all the more important. Discover our floor plan examples.


Discover semi-detached house floor plans

House floor plan: Two-family house
Two-family house floor plans
Two families under one roof

Here you will find a wide range of options for designing the layout of your home to make a house for two parties the place of your dreams. Whether as a multi-generational home, an office or a rented granny apartment - our examples will give you the flexibility you need.


Discover two-family house floor plans

House floor plan: Large family
Floor plans for families with three or more children
A house for large families

Do you have three or more children and are looking for a suitable floor plan for your family? Then explore our fully customizable house layouts with enough space for three or four children's rooms.


Discover floor plans for large families

House floor plan: Tiny House
Clever tiny house floor plans
Living in a small space

Especially small houses from 39.5 square meters of living space, which not only score points with particularly practical planning, but also with a bright living atmosphere and lots of cosiness - here we have listed our modern Tiny House floor plans for you.


Discover Tiny House floor plans

House floor plan: Terraced house
Modern terraced house floor plans
Building in the row

Here you will find well thought-out floor plans for terraced houses that are suitable for everyday use and create a bright and friendly living atmosphere - even in mid-terraced houses that have to make do with fewer windows. Discover our terraced house floor plans with different sizes of living space, which create plenty of living space even on small plots.


Discover terraced house floor plans

House floor plan: Multi-family house
Find apartment building floor plan
3, 4 or 6 residential units

Are you planning to build an apartment building and create a lot of living space under one roof? Whether you want to move in with friends, create a multi-generational home or rent out apartments: here you will find floor plans for modern apartment buildings with three, four or six residential units.


Discover multi-family house floor plans

House floor plan: Multi-generation house
Discover the multi-generation house floor plan
A home for several generations

When planning the floor plan for a multi-generation home, it is particularly important to reconcile many wishes and needs so that all generations feel completely comfortable in their shared home. Our diverse multi-generation house floor plans with different concepts and living spaces show what this can look like.


Discover multi-generation house floor plans

For the perfect floor plan

9 tips

The layout of a house is the result of individual preferences and lifestyles. But of course the conditions of the property and the available budget also play a key role.

Planning house floor plan

To help you plan the perfect floor plan for your new home, we have summarized the 9 most important points when planning a floor plan in our video.

Even more tips for the perfect house floor plan

for the perfect house floor plan

11 important tips

Observe the development plan


Foundation stone for planning and building

The development plan for a specific building area lays the first foundation stone for the floor plan. Depending on the municipality, these specifications are sometimes more or less strict and can cover different areas:

  • The building boundaries of the plot
  • The specified ridge/gable height or the maximum or minimum number of storeys
  • The type, pitch or color of the roof
  • The orientation of the gable
  • The type of house (detached house, semi-detached house, etc.)
House floor plan tip 1: Observe the development plan

Location & surroundings


What needs to be considered

The location of the plot plays a key role in the layout of the house. In addition to general things such as the location in the village, possible noise or radiation pollution, the location also determines the planning itself:

  • Is the plot flat or does it have a slope? How steep is the slope and does it make sense to build into this slope (e.g. with a basement)?
  • Is it surrounded by houses on all sides or is there an undeveloped side?
  • Can the building area be extended or will the undeveloped side really remain undeveloped?
House floor plan tip2: Location & surroundings
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Orientation of the house


You should think about this

"The sun rises in the east, takes its course in the south, sets in the west and is never seen in the north." This is a well-known proverb. But what does this mean in concrete terms for planning your floor plan?"

The course of the sun has an influence on our sense of well-being

  • Many people love to get up in the morning with sunshine.
  • The first coffee in the light-flooded kitchen tastes much better than in a dark corner.
  • Those who sit on the terrace after work also enjoy the evening sun.

The sun also influences energy management:

  • Large, south-facing window fronts let a lot of heat into the house and thus reduce energy requirements.
  • Windows on the north side allow more heat to escape than is the case with a wall.
  • Particularly in low-energy houses, sufficient shading should be provided in the south-facing area in summer to prevent overheating.


House floor plan tip 3: Orientation of the house

How many rooms?


Determine space requirements

The floor area of a house is one of the biggest cost drivers, so when planning the floor plan you should think very carefully about how many rooms you really need. Almost every house has a kitchen, a dining and living room, a bathroom and at least one bedroom. However, you should ask yourself:

  • Do I need a separate dressing room or is a wardrobe in the bedroom enough for me?
  • How many children's rooms do I need?
  • Do I need an office or even two?
  • Is a hobby room important to me?
  • Is one bathroom and one toilet enough for me or do I absolutely need two bathrooms?
  • Do I need my own utility room or do I do the laundry in the utility room?
  • Where do I have storage space in my home? Do I need a separate room for this?
House floor plan tip 4: How many rooms?
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Floor plan with basement or without basement?


A fundamental decision

A basement costs extra money, but it allows the floor plan to be made smaller, which in turn makes the house more affordable. The basic question should be:

  • Which rooms can I relocate to the basement and consequently reduce the external dimensions of the house? Classic examples here are technical, hobby, utility and storage space or even the sauna. It is also possible, for example, to move offices to the basement.
  • Especially on a slope, it can be worthwhile to build "upwards". Here it is also possible to accommodate a separate granny apartment in the basement and thus generate more flexibility or rental income and also benefit twice from the BEG subsidy programs.
House floor plan tip 5: Floor plan with basement or without basement?

Short distances


Daily activities

Try to keep the distances in your home as short as possible:

  • The routes around meals (cooking, serving, eating, clearing away, tidying up)
  • Getting up in the morning (bedroom, bathroom, dressing room)
  • Doing the laundry: How many meters and steps do you want to walk with your hands full to get the laundry from the laundry basket to the washing machine, for drying, ironing and finally back into the cupboard?
House floor plan tip 6: Short distances
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Optimize traffic areas


Space-saving planning

A large, imposing hallway directly in the entrance area can create a great feeling when you open the front door. An open gallery above it will amaze visitors even more. However, every square meter of undeveloped space costs money.

  • The less traffic area, the more cost-efficient the construction.
  • Think about how big the hallway needs to be for everyday use (checkroom, cupboards, etc.) and how to optimize this space.
  • The route to the rooms on the upper floor should be as short as possible, as every square meter of the hallway makes the remaining rooms smaller.
  • Every square meter you save here can be used for your living space or you can reduce costs by using a smaller floor plan.
House floor plan tip 7: Optimize traffic areas

Open living concept?


How open do you want to live?

When asked this question, many people think of the kitchen, dining room and living room, which used to be separate but are now connected in an open-plan way to create one large living space. However, there are other areas where you have to decide between "open" and "closed":

  • Do you want a door between the hallway and living room for privacy or protection from the cold?
  • Do you need a door between the stairs and the living room for more sound insulation between the living room and bedrooms?
  • Would you like floor-to-ceiling windows, even if the neighbors might be able to see into my house?
  • Is an open dressing room enough or should there be a door between them?
  • Do you value a separate parents' area with a parents' bathroom?
House floor plan tip 8: Open living concept?
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Browse house floor plans


Get as much inspiration as possible

  • Request free catalogs from prefabricated house manufacturers such as our Hanse Haus prefabricated house catalog.
  • Search the web or specifically on Pinterest for published floor plans.
  • Search Instagram for house building profiles and floor plans.
House floor plan tip 9: Browse house floor plans

Experiencing is better than guessing


A sense of size and space

Very few people can imagine how big a 10m² technical room is without having seen it. That's why it's particularly important to get a feel for size and space:

  • Measure your current home: What should be bigger or smaller in the future?
  • Visit friends and relatives: Take a look at their homes, ask about sizes and take your own measurements.
  • Walk through new developments and ring the doorbell if you like a house: new homeowners are usually proud of their homes and will be happy to show you around.
  • Visit a show home in your area: Measure the rooms in the houses and ask the specialist consultants on site.
House floor plan tip 9: Experiencing is better than guessing
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Thinking about tomorrow today

Life is full of changes

For all the previous tips, it should be remembered that life is made up of changes and a house should be adapted to these changes. So ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you already finalized your family plans or might you need an extra nursery?
  • Is it possible to work from home in your sector and would you have a suitable room for this?
  • Would you still like to live in the house in old age and is it accessible now or can you convert the house to make it accessible later?
  • Would you like to be cared for at home in old age and is it possible to convert part of the house into a granny apartment?
  • When will your children move out and can you use the children's rooms sensibly or combine them after they move out?
House floor plan tip 11: Thinking about tomorrow today
Bauherren: Familie Bozem aus Alzenau
Family Bozem
Hanse Haus

The Variant 35-160 house design served as the basis for the single-family house of our client family Bozem.

„We weren't tied to the floor plan, but could basically move the walls as we wanted. Since we wanted to integrate our online store into the house, some things had to be changed accordingly. But that was no problem at all with Hanse Haus.“

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