Take advantage of Hanse Haus’s numerous included services: from free consultations and preliminary services to customer support throughout the entire building process

Hanse Haus

Yes, you read correctly. Many services are already included in the price of your prefabricated house. This makes building with Hanse Haus so simple, which is why we have been crowned the fairest prefabricated house manufacturer on several occasions.



Take a look at the planning and services provided by Hanse Haus which are already included in the standard price*.

Included without
additional costs

*included services vary between different countries. The following services refer to house building in the UK. For further information on country-specific services please order and download the relevant building specifications.

Working out what you need

You'll have an in-depth chat with one of our sales partners about your expectations and what you want your new home to be like.

Preliminary designs and our quote

After discussing your needs, our sales partner will work with you to put together your design, using it as the basis for a detailed  fixed-price quotation for your Hanse Haus.

Fixed-price guarantee

A fixed-price guarantee for 15 months from the conclusion of the contract gives you cost certainty for your building project.

Structural calculation

Hanse Haus will carry out the structural calculations for your home, including for your garage, carport and/or roofing (assuming they're part of the contract).

ubject to regional requirements, the project will be constructed to cope with a wind load of up to 0.65  kN/m² and a snow load of up to 1.5  kN/m², while the windows will have a B3-level wind resistance class. 

Any requirements in excess of this are considered and calculated on a case-by-case  basis. Hanse Haus produces load plans and drawings for the  basement ceiling and floor slab, so you can pass them on to the engineer designing slab and foundations of your house.

Factory plans

Hanse Haus produces factory drawings at 1 : 50 scale, as well as an associated production report. Before your fittings consultation,  we'll give you the plans so you can prepare for the meeting, and send revised plans incorporating any amendments after the consultation. The plans contain detailed technical drawings and structural information that correspond to the scope of service agreed in the contract, for instance regarding heating, plumbing, ventilation and wiring. 

Your fittings consultation/viewing samples

Our Sample Centre is right next to our factory, so you're welcome to speak to one of our experts during your consultation. We don't want to leave any question unanswered. We offer products from a wide range of manufacturers, so you can take your time browsing their catalogues.

True to our motto "Genau mein Zuhause" (precicely my home), you're not limited to the products on display. We make every effort to fulfil special requests.

Technical documentation

We'll draw up documentation for the draft SAP report, the  airtightness test and the final SAP calculation. We'll also submit this information to the relevant building authorities. 

CDM 2015

We take away the stress of navigating complex CDM 2015 health and safety legislation by assuming the role of principal contractor for the duration of your Hanse Haus build, and by recommending a competent professional to oversee the health and safety aspects of the project in the principal designer role.

Initial consultation and advance inspection

As soon as all contractual requirements have been met (planning permission received, for example), we'll visit your building plot with you, bringing a contractor and our sales partner. We'll discuss and document in detail all requirements relating to the construction of your house on-site.

There may be additional requirements that emerge from this process, for instance to do with crane pads or access to the construction site.

Construction management, supervision and support

For all services provided as part of our contract with you, we will assume responsibility for site management. After your house is complete, you and our construction manager will conduct a for-mal handover together. Everything we do will be checked and ac-curately documented in a handover report.

Site set-up

We'll assume responsibility for setting up the site, providing a waste container for Hanse Haus packaging, welfare facilities, toilets, safety perimeter fencing and disposal of residual waste. The scaffolding we put up will meet all relevant requirements.


We'll deliver your home by lorry to your construction site, no matter how far it is.

We'll also arrange the crane, tools and machinery our assembly team needs to start building your  Hanse Haus straight away. Exterior and interior walls are sealed with mortar at the base.

Airtightness inspection (blower door test)

At Hanse Haus, we carry out a blower door test as a standard part of our SAP calculations. The building's air change rate is measured using differential pressure: a ventilator creates negative pressure inside the house and uses the volume of air flowing in from outside to measure airtightness.

Insurance cover

From the moment assembly begins to the point where you’re handed the keys to your home, Hanse Haus bears the risks for carrying out all services agreed in the contract.

Our guarantee/warranty

We offer you a three-year guarantee with free servicing on all building components supplied by Hanse Haus and all construction work carried out by us, including all moving parts as well as electrical, heating and ventilation systems (light bulbs excluded). We'll also offer a 20-year guarantee on the supporting structure of your house (walls, ceilings and roof). 

Client services

We have our own client services team and are always happy to talk to homeowners in person about warranty issues. Hanse Haus  clients can contact us by email or phone and we'll get someone to come.


On request, we can offer individual solutions for planning and implementing accessible home designs that will meet a higher standard than the baseline required by local building regulations. Accessible designs generally make for a greater level of comfort, enabling older people and those with a disability to enjoy a better quality of life in their own home.

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We’ll provide you with an overview of the entire building process for your Hanse Haus prefabricated house, from searching for the plot, the needs analysis, house planning, home fixtures and assembly to the handover of the keys
Our largest Show Home Park is located in Unterfranken, at our factory site in Oberleichtersbach. But you can visit our Hanse Haus show homes right across Germany. You are certain to find a show home near to you. Be inspired and receive a competent consultation from our employees.
Take advantage of our non-binding guided preliminary sampling and get an overview of the wonderful fixtures available for Hanse Haus prefabricated houses.
Choose all the fixtures for your prefabricated house in one place at our Fixture Centre in Oberleichtersbach. A huge selection of windows, doors, bathroom fixtures and wall and floor coverings included in the standard prices are neatly arranged in a space of more than 1,800 square metres.

Houses our customers love

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Variant 25-150
The bright Variant 25-150: let the sunshine in
141 m²
Picture from the prefab house bungalow 80 exterior view
Bungalow 80
Clever planning on one floor: the Bungalow 80
80 m²
CUBUS - Fertighaus mit Flachdach von Hanse Haus
Cubus 162
The Cubus 162: clear lines, cool looks
154 m²
DUO - Mehrfamilienhaus als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Duo 211
The multi-generational Duo 211, a spatial wonder
203 m²
VARIANT - Einfamilienhaus mit Satteldach als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Variant 35-160
The Variant 35-160: our flexibly designable prefabricated house with pitched roof
143 m²
VARIANT - Einfamilienhaus mit Satteldach als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Variant 25-192
Gladly at home in the Variant 25-192, the prefabricated classic for your well-being.
182 m²
Bungalow 139
The Bungalow 139: a house as you have always wanted one to be
132 m²
Picture from the prefab house villa 156 exterior view
Villa 156
The Villa 156: your own home, just the way you want it
150 m²
Semi-Detached House 137/126
Enough space for everyone in Semi-detached house 137/126
249 m²
Variant 25-135
Small house, big spatial wonder: Hanse Haus’s Variant 25-135
124 m²
VARIANT - Einfamilienhaus mit Satteldach als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Variant 25-183
The Variant 25-183: a home completely according to your style
173 m²
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