Barrier-free living concepts provide more comfort, while forward-looking house planning guarantees a better quality of life in later life

Barrier-free living

None of us knows how we will be living in 20 or 30 years’ time. Maybe our children will have moved out of the house, perhaps their grandparents will have moved in, or possibly all three generations will be living under one roof.

What is certain is that the requirements for one’s own home change over time.

At Hanse Haus, we offer clever planning and fixture options that will allow your home to constantly and optimally adapt to your living situation.

Intelligently designed floor plans make it possible to live barrier-free today, or to use parts of the house later on as a separate living unit or for barrier-free living in later life.

Think of the future while your prefabricated house is being built and make provisions for barrier-free access

for the future

When planning barrier-free living spaces, we are guided by the Ready Standard.

The Ready Standard is the result of research conducted jointly by architects and sociologists, and was funded by the Federal Ministry of Construction.

It gathers the most important principles, methods and quality standards for age-appropriate housing construction and emphasises planning that can be flexibly adapted to later requirements.

Many of our Hanse Haus models are already ideally designed to fulfil the Ready Standard, and can easily be redesigned.

Planning tips
  • all living areas, bedrooms and the bathroom are located on one level; alternatively, a wheelchair-friendly lift can be installed
  • a minimum width for doors and hallways of 100 cm
  • a floor-level shower with shower seat that can be entered in a wheelchair
  • a movement area with a diameter of 150 cm in wheelchair turning areas
  • wheelchair-adapted washbasins and handles on bathroom fixtures
  • robust floor coverings with low rolling resistance, such as laminates or tiles
  • external doors without thresholds
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Build barrier-free with the Hanse Haus prefabricated bungalow

in a bungalow

A bungalow is ideal for barrier-free living simply because all rooms are on one level, avoiding the need to climb a staircase.

With our Bungalow 133 model, our architects have designed a bungalow which you can build wheelchair-friendly now or let you look to the future with confidence. This is because the generous distribution of living space leaves plenty of room open for immediate or future adaptations for barrier-free or wheelchair-friendly living.

In collaboration with our architects and wheelchair users, the Bungalow 133 prefabricated house was planned for wheelchair access and tested in practice after construction.


More on Bungalow 133

Nicole Weimann
Nicole Weimann
Sales associate at Hanse Haus
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“You can experience Bungalow 133 in person in our large Show Home Park in Buchrasen in Oberleichtersbach.

Drop by and take a look at how beautiful the ambience in a bungalow can be. Our consultants will be happy to show you the possibilities for your wheelchair-friendly prefabricated house.”


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Innenansicht eines Einfamilienhauses mit Satteldach als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus

Barrier-free in a two-storey house? We’ll show you how you can plan your prefabricated house now so that you are prepared for the future.

Barrier-free in a
two-storey house

Thanks to anticipatory planning, which provides for the building of a wider staircase, a stairlift can be retrofitted later on at any time.

On request, a passenger lift or preparations for one can be planned for in advance.

For our Variant 35-235, we have envisioned a granny flat that can be made barrier-free.



VARIANT - Einfamilienhaus mit Satteldach als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus

A house with a separate, barrier-free flat in an extension? A wonderful solution for one’s parents or as a provision for the future.

granny flat

Our planning suggestion for the prefabricated Variant 25-150 with granny flat includes a separate, barrier-free flat as a Cubus house attached to the main house.

A separate entry at ground level and barrier-free gives access to a 50 square-metre flat which offers everything needed in a barrier-free dwelling.

Take a look at our layouts and see how simple barrier-free access can be.


To Variant 25-150 with granny flat

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