What is a low-energy house or energy-saving house, what is a passive house or zero-energy house, and what is an energy-efficient house?

Energy efficiency

The topic of energy efficiency is gaining significance in a big way and the classifications, standards and awards in this area are diverse.

To help you navigate the jungle of energy-saving concepts more easily, we have collated the most important information on energy-saving houses and prefabricated housebuilding for you.

Bäder in einem Fertighaus

The energy-saving house as the standard for new buildings in Germany


Houses that consume significantly less energy for heating and hot water than the average energy standard are referred to as low-energy houses or energy-saving houses.

In the meantime, the energy-saving house has become the standard for new buildings in Germany.

Innenansicht eines Einfamilienhauses mit Satteldach als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus

Save energy at the highest level with a passive house

Passive house

A passive house is a building which requires almost no classical building heating system, thanks to its efficient thermal insulation and the use of solar energy and passive energy sources such as waste heat from household appliances.

At Hanse Haus, we’ll show you one of our show homes built according to the passive house standard in our Show Home Park. Variant 45-192, a single-family house with pitched roof, impresses by the fact that it almost completely satisfies its heating energy needs with sunlight. 

Come to our Show Home Park in Oberleichtersbach in Northern Bavaria and convince yourself with this energy-efficient Hanse Haus passive house.

Save money with Hanse Haus

Hanse Haus
energy-saving concepts

Are you concerned about the environment and would like to build an environmentally friendly and sustainable house? Perhaps you would also like to be as independent as possible from public electricity suppliers and benefit from attractive subsidies for new buildings?

For our Hanse Haus prefabricated houses, we have created the following energy-optimised house concepts for you:

Plus-Energy House - your prefabricated house as an energy generator

Plus-Energy House

The Plus-Energy House takes you one step further: you generate more electricity than you need yourself.

A photovoltaic system converts sunlight into electricity, which, when not being used, is sent to a storage device by an intelligent home control system. Surplus electricity is then fed into the public electricity grid.


To Hanse Haus’s Plus-Energy House

Grauer Hintergrund mit Überlagerung
Energy-saving houses are subsidised by the German government through the KfW. We’ll show you how to achieve the highest KfW subsidy level with Hanse Haus’s efficiency houses.
With Hanse Haus, you’ll build sustainably and efficiently. Our energy-saving houses are not only rated according to their energy efficiency but also assessed by the German Sustainable Building Council according to a range of quality criteria.
From walls built according to the KfW 40 Plus Standard in the building envelope to roof structures made from solid wood, Hanse Haus has been synonymous with high, proven quality since 1929.
Are many terms relating to prefabricated houses and energy efficiency new to you? We have summarised the most important construction concepts in our housebuilding glossary.