Cosy, warm and very economical – a comparison of our heating technology systems

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Which heating system suits your prefabricated house best? Our team of experts will be happy to help you find out what is particularly important for you. In our selection of modern, energy-efficient heating technology, you will find the heating system that guarantees low heating costs during operation, fits into your house construction budget and meets your requirements for sustainability and environmental compatibility.

Heat pump

Heating with energy from the earth, air or groundwater

Heat pumps

Heat pumps utilise energy from groundwater, outside air or the ground and transfer it for space heating. They are usually powered by electricity. 

Advantages of heat pumps:

  • Climate-friendly, energy-efficient and CO2-neutral
  • Space-saving and safe 
  • Cost-effective to operate (especially the air heat pump)
  • An optional solar system supports hot water preparation in the warmer months

Disadvantages of heat pumps:

  • Comparatively expensive to purchase (especially geothermal heat pumps)
  • Depending on the principle, complex external work during installation


Heat pumps at a glance

Prefabricated house Variant 35-172: Living

Heating with wood pellets

Pellet heating

With pellet heating, security of supply is guaranteed by the renewable raw material wood.

Advantages of pellet heating:

  • Climate-friendly, energy-efficient and CO2-neutral
  • No need to store dangerous substances in the house
  • Fast, regional supply possible

Disadvantages of pellet heating:

  • Higher costs than with gas condensing technology
  • Regular removal of ash necessary
Prefabricated house Variant 25-198: Bathroom

Heating with natural gas

Gas condensing boiler

Gas condensing boilers generate warmth for heating and hot water by burning natural gas. A gas condensing boiler and a ventilation system with heat recovery are included as standard in a Hanse-Haus beginning with the completion level that includes technical installations.

Advantages of gas condensing technology

  • Cost-effective to purchase
  • Almost complete, efficient utilisation of the energy content of the fuel
  • In combination with a solar thermal system, approx. 60 % of the costs for water heating can be saved

Disadvantages of gas condensing boiler technology:

  • CO2 pollution
  • Dependence on raw material prices

The optimum heating system for your prefabricated house

Comparison of heating systems

When it comes to making decisions about house and heating technology, we can always call in the relevant experts from our company to support you with comprehensive advice. 

You can also get an initial overview of different heating technology systems, how they work and their advantages and disadvantages in our video.

Well supported across all areas

No matter which solution you choose – with Hanse Haus and our renowned partner companies such as Wolf Heiztechnik, Stiebel Eltron or Nibe Wärmepumpen, you will receive the best advice and excellent support.

Our customer service is always there for you, even after you have moved in. We have set up an emergency hotline for urgent problems with your heating system on public holidays and at weekends.

QNG⁺-Line: Prefabricated semi-detached house 35-124

Photovoltaic system with battery storage for your efficient prefabricated house

Efficient overall package

Combine modern heating technology with a PV system with battery storage to save electricity costs in the long term: It makes sense to consume as much solar power as possible for yourself before feeding the surplus into the grid. This is why PV systems are no longer designed according to the available roof area, but according to an optimum ratio between system size (investment costs) and maximum self-consumption.

Taking into account the roof orientation and inclination as well as your location, we will estimate the yield for you.


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Hanse Haus tips

In our homebuilders' centre, we provide detailed information about the heating technology systems we offer. Our team of advisors will be happy to introduce you to additional options and add-ons for your energy-efficient prefabricated house. For example, what about an innovative smart home system that intelligently controls your heating?

Collect inspiration

Our show houses are also fitted with modern home and heating technology. Take a look at the technology room, ask our team on site and experience the comfortable feel-good climate live. 

We look forward to your visit to one of our show houses in your neighbourhood!

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Guided pre-sampling

Even before you decide on a prefabricated house from Hanse Haus, you can get an overview of the selection of heating technology from renowned manufacturers for your prefabricated house during a guided tour in our homebuilders' centre.

It's best to make an appointment for a free guided pre-sampling tour with us right away.

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