Pleasantly warm and quite economical: heating technology systems used by Hanse Haus compared

Heating technology at Hanse Haus

Which is the best heating system? All homeowners ask this question at some point in time.

And the demands are high: it should guarantee low heating costs during operation and at the same time not put too much strain on the housebuilding budget.

In addition to the financial aspects, the issues of sustainability and environmental impact are also taken into account in the decision. Consider what you find particularly important about your heating system.

The use of alternative energy sources such as geothermal energy, ambient air or the sun is usually associated with higher investment costs. The advantage is that the monthly energy consumption costs are usually lower than with other systems.

Heating technology at Hanse Haus means a great selection and excellent consultations


We have a large selection of heating systems. We’ll introduce you to some of the systems we use in the construction of our Hanse Haus prefabricated houses, and will also describe the most important advantages and disadvantages of each system.

You can receive more interesting information on heating systems and a list of investment, operating and consumption costs from our competent consultants in your area.

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Pellet heating

With heat pumps, heat from groundwater, the outside air or the soil is used and transferred for room heating.

We distinguish between:

  • Water/water heat pumps
  • Air/water heat pumps
  • Geothermal pumps with ground probes or geothermal heat collectors

Pellet heating

With pellet heating, supply security is guaranteed by a renewable raw material: wood.

The advantages and disadvantages of pellet heating:

  • Climate friendly, energy efficient and CO2 neutral
  • No storage of hazardous materials in the house necessary
  • Fast, local supplies available
  • Higher costs than with gas condensing boiler technology
  • Regular removal of ashes necessary

Gas condensing boilers

Modern gas condensing central heating units generate heat for heating and hot water by burning natural gas.

By also making use of the heat contained in the exhaust gas, the fuel’s energy content is almost completely utilised.

This makes the gas condensing technology particularly efficient and at the same time very comfortable – the ventilation system with heat recovery continuously provides fresh, preheated air for living spaces.

A gas condensing boiler and ventilation system with heat recovery are included as standard in Hanse Haus prefabricated houses beginning with the completion level that includes technical installations.

The advantages and disadvantages of gas condensing technology:

  • Affordable purchase price
  • Modern combustion technology for almost complete and efficient use of the fuel’s energy content
  • A well-known and proven heating system
  • Low CO2 emissions
  • Dependence on commodity prices
Floriean Hüfner
Florian Hüfner
Director of technical installations
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“Since the energy requirement of our houses is already very low, gas condensing boilers offer a good combination of affordable purchase price and moderate consumption costs.

Over the entire useful life of the system, gas condensing boilers, combined where appropriate with a controlled ventilation and/or a solar heating system, deliver excellent efficiency.”

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We know what matters. Because our decades of experience have shown us that heating technology depends on having the right partners.

Partner companies –
heating technology

Whether you decide on an energy-efficient geothermal heat pump, a classic gas condensing boiler in combination with an environmentally friendly solar heating system or a CO2-neutral pellet heating system, with Hanse Haus and our well-known partner companies such as Wolf Heating Technology, Stiebel Eltron and Nibe Heat Pumps you can receive the best possible consultation and excellent assistance when choosing the right heating system for your prefabricated house.

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