Intelligent home technology with the latest smart home solutions

For more comfort in everyday life

The increasing digitization also affects our homes. With a smart home system in the Hanse Haus, lighting, heating, windows and doors, roller shutters, alarm systems and surveillance cameras or entertainment systems, for example, can be intelligently controlled and automated. This makes everyday life easier, creates more security and utilises energy efficiently. 

Customise the Smarthome modules, equip your home with the functions that are important to you now and expand them later as you wish.


High-quality smart home solutions for your prefabricated house

Well-known manufacturers

When building your prefabricated house with Hanse Haus, you can rely on the large and high-quality selection of our partners:

  • You can choose light switches, motion detectors, the home network and multimedia solutions from brand manufacturers such as Busch-Jäger or Homeway.
  • We install smart home technologies from our partners Loxone and Homematic IP.
Prefabricated house Variant 35-172

Smarthome solutions in practice at Hanse Haus

Smart house example

Our Variant 35-172 show home, which has been awarded with the DGNB Gold Standard, a globally recognized certificate for sustainability, can be visited at the FertighausWelt in Günzburg. 

Visit us in our show house in Günzburg and see our efficient and practical show house with its extensive smart home and photovoltaic system. 


View VARIANT 35-172

Experience smart home and multimedia systems live

Hanse Haus tips

We have some examples ready for you in our homebuilders' centre so that you can put together the right combination for your prefabricated house. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you. 

Collect inspirationen

You can experience some examples of how our prefabricated houses can be equipped with intelligent shading or lighting, for example, live in our show houses in Germany and Switzerland.

Visit us in a show house in your area and let us inspire you.

Find show houses in your area

Guided pre-sampling

Even before you decide on Hanse Haus, you can get an overview of our multimedia and smart home systems during a guided tour through our fitting centre.

We recommend that you make an appointment with us for a free, guided pre-tasting.

Arrange a guided pre-sampling tour

for the perfect multimedia and smart home experience

3 important tips

Stay safe in your own home with the right smart home technology


A Smarthome prefabricated house reliably protects its residents from uninvited guests and warns of fire, smoke or storms. The use of special security modules even makes it possible for you to be notified directly on your smartphone in the event of an alarm.

Presence simulation

For example, while relaxing with your family on holiday, your smart home will simulate your presence and keep unwanted guests away. Lighting and shading are switched on as if you were actually at home.

Immediately informed when it matters

In the event of an alarm – whether burglary, fire or water – you can be alerted immediately by a call or SMS.

Use existing components

Existing smart home components such as motion detectors, which can serve as alarm sensors, can be used to implement a full-fledged alarm system.

Alarm automatically active

If you leave your smart home, it automatically switches to security mode.

Panic button

A button next to the bed triggers an alarm: bright flashing lights, raised blinds and lights on – a nightmare for burglars.

Protection from fire, water and storms

Your smartphone recognises water ingress, fire, storms and more, and reacts or alerts you immediately.

Smarthome technology for optimum utilisation of your energy-saving potential


Your smart home also helps you to save energy: For example, it can measure electricity consumption, identify potential savings or automatically switch off standby appliances. 

Optimise energy consumption

In conjunction with a photovoltaic system with storage, your smart home shows its full potential by utilising the electricity generated in a targeted manner. 

Your washing machine, for example, starts the washing process when your PV system is producing electricity or when sufficient electricity has been stored. The weather forecast no longer favours solar power? Your Smarthome recognises this and starts the washing machine immediately.

Uncover energy-saving potential

With the statistics function, you can record and visualise data from your appliances and thus identify potential energy savings.

Make optimal use of solar energy

Use the sun's energy to bring your rooms up to a comfortable temperature. In the morning, for example, shade is only provided when the room has reached the desired temperature.

Nobody home

With a triple click on any light button in the room, you can switch off the lights throughout the house, disconnect the power guzzlers from the mains and lower the temperature.

Self-learning heating

The heating system learns how long it takes to bring a room up to temperature. In this way, heating is precise and no unnecessary energy is consumed.

Standby killer

You can easily switch off all power-hungry standby appliances with the touch of a button.

More living comfort with a Hanse Haus smart home


Your individually configurable smart home makes everyday life easier: conveniently control lights and electric shutters, adjust the room temperature or create the right lighting scene for an evening in front of the TV.


Children like to press buttons that they shouldn't. The child safety lock in your smart home from Hanse Haus protects you from unpleasant surprises.

Remote control

Operate your smart home from anywhere.

With the app for smartphones and tablets, you can conveniently preheat the oven, for example, even before you get home.

Features can be combined

All functions and actions in your smart home can be combined with each other.

It permanently collects information from all sensors, buttons and motion detectors and makes it available for home control.

Automatic mode

Your shading knows what to do and when. The control system adapts to the position of the sun: In the morning, it lowers the east-facing roller shutters for cool rooms and shades the west-facing side in the afternoon.

Single room occupancy

The right temperature in every room at any time of the day: Your Smarthome does this for you automatically.

Lighting scenarios for every situation

8:15 pm: Main evening programme. At the touch of a button next to the couch, a cinema atmosphere reigns in the living room.

TV on, shutters down, lights dimmed. Perfect!

Choose every detail of the house fixtures according to your wishes

Your individually customised home
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