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Variant 35-172

Here is your new space for living and all-round well-being.

The Variant 35-172 once again shows how classic pitched-roof architecture can be made modern and contemporary.

Pure, white plaster radiates stylish confidence in combination with dark and light grey-coloured areas. The sandstone façade on the wall dormer creates an exciting yet natural contrast. Large glass surfaces catch the daylight and create a pleasant atmosphere of well-being in the home.

Particularly practical: thanks to its glass covering, the terrace is protected from rain and can also be used on bad weather days.


Take a virtual tour through this prefabricated house by Hanse Haus.


Roof form Pitched roof
Roof inclination35 °
Jamb wall120 cm
Living space154,72 m²
Base area172,09 m²
Number of floors1,5

Special features & extras

Experience this house in person:

Kimmerle-Ring 2 (access via Legoland-Allee)
89312 Günzburg
Telephone 08221 9306235

Possible extensions:

  • Wall dormer
  • Covered patio
  • Garage and external storage room

Floor plan

Get an impression of this house through the floor plans. We will show you our planning suggestions, which of course can be customised on request.

We have also prepared some interesting planning options for this house. Click through them and see for yourself which variants we have come up with.

Fertighaus Variant 35-172: Grundriss EG
Ground floor
Fertighaus Variant 35-172: Grundriss DG
Fertighaus Variant 35-172: Grundrissoption EG
Planning option ground floor
Fertighaus Variant 35-172: Grundrissoption DG
Planning option loft

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