Tested, break-in-proof windows, front doors and terrace doors

All-round security

Hanse Haus stands for quality in every respect. That's why we install high-quality windows and doors in the openings of our prefabricated houses. And you don't want any valuable heat to leave your home or uninvited guests to get in. For our windows and terrace doors, we rely on high-quality in-house construction. We offer you a large selection of entrance and room doors from well-known brand manufacturers. If you would like to install skylights or daylight spots, we also have an extensive range of products available.

Security windows

Windows with resistance class RC1N as standard

Security windows

For our windows, we use break-in-resistant components in accordance with DIN EN 1627 with a security class of at least RC1N as standard.

According to police statistics, 80% of all burglaries are caused by breaking and entering through window frames. Because breaking the window pane generates noise, burglars tend to avoid it.

Our RC1N windows are designed with mushroom-head locks that are difficult to break into and offer effective burglary protection. In addition, we fit our windows with lockable handle foils to RC1N standard, so that the window leaf cannot be opened even if the glass is broken.

Prefabricated house Variant 192

Burglary protection thanks to resistance class RC2

Terrace and front doors

As part of police advice on burglary protection, resistance class RC2 is regularly recommended. In simple terms, this differs from RC1N in that it has additional mushroom-head locks and the use of security glass to ensure greater protection against the rare glass break-in.

Our standard front doors and turn-tilt terrace doors on the first floor are available in security class RC2. Lift and slide doors can also be designed in RC2 as an additional service.

Basic information on fire and burglary protection can also be found on the websites of the VdS loss prevention organisation or the police.

Tested security windows and terrace doors with burglar protection from our own production

Own production

Hanse Haus is one out of few prefabricated house manufacturers that produces its own windows and terrace doors. Our window production and installation are monitored voluntarily by an accredited certification body.


An initiative of the police and the economy

We are even recommended by the police as a window manufacturer and are listed as a manufacturer of tested and certified break-in resistant products.


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Prefabricated house Villa 142

Thermally insulated windows as the perfect complement to your Hanse Haus efficiency home

Efficient complete package

High-quality, thermally insulated windows and terrace doors are just as important for all-round thermal insulation as the walls or roof of your home.

Windows and terrace doors from our own production are suitable for the construction of KfW energy-efficient houses 40 Plus and thus perfectly complement the Hanse Haus building envelope.

In accordance with the high requirements of the Qualitätsgemeinschaft Deutscher Fertigbau, the window elements are installed at our factory in Oberleichtersbach in Bavaria, which you are welcome to visit on request.


Factory tour

Experience our windows and doors live

Hanse Haus tips

In our homebuilders' centre, you can choose from more than 30 different front door models and more than 40 interior doors in different styles, designs and colours for your prefabricated house from Hanse Haus. Benefit from the high quality of our renowned partners such as Kera Türen for your front door or Herholz and Garant for your interior doors.

Collect inspiration

Anthracite-coloured or white windows? Tilt and turn patio door or lift and slide door? Plain or unusual interior doors? Discover the different furnishing options in our show houses and gather ideas for your own home. 

We would be happy to welcome you to one of our show houses in your area!

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Guided pre-sampling

Even before you decide on a prefabricated house from Hanse Haus, you can get an overview of the choice of fittings for your prefabricated house with products from well-known manufacturers during a guided tour in our homebuilders' centre.

It's best to make an appointment for a free guided pre-sampling tour with us right away.

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