Semi-Detached House 144: a house as individual as its occupants

Semi-Detached House 144

If you wish to enjoy the benefits of a semi-detached house but do not want to miss out on contemporary, modern architecture, the Semi-Detached House 144 is the perfect choice. Clear lines and lots of glass define the appealing character of this cubic flat roof house.

As an option, the house can be enlarged with a staggered second floor with a pent roof. This not only creates a spacious roof terrace with stunning views, but also a studio that can be used as, for example, a study, home cinema or hobby room.

Roof form Flat roof
Roof inclination0 °
Living space per unit136,92 m²
Base area per unit142,70 m²
Number of floors2


  • Second floor
  • Roof terrace
Father and son playing --- Image by © Heide Benser/Corbis

Floor plan

Get an impression of this house through the floor plans. We will show you our planning suggestions, which of course can be customised on request.

We have also prepared some interesting planning options for this house. Click through them and see for yourself which variants we have come up with.

Ground floor
Upper floor
Planning option: first storey
If a second storey is added to the house plan, the room arrangement on the first storey changes slightly to make room for the additional staircase.
Planning option: second storey
The optional second storey with roof terrace can be used in a number of ways. Additional space: more than 72 m².

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