Enough space for everyone in three flats of different sizes

Multi-family house

Do you enjoy living in your large detached house, but are still not entirely satisfied with your current living situation? Because you would like a more energy-efficient home? Because you would like to live barrier-free and not alone?

Then this multi-family house design could be the ideal solution for you: you move into the luxurious top-floor flat, which is accessible via a lift. Your flat will give you that penthouse feeling without you having to do without the amenities you are used to in your previous home. The highlights of the wheelchair-accessible flat include two balconies, the particularly spacious living, dining and cooking area, a covered loggia and the spacious bathroom, which can be equipped with a sauna.

The two flats on the ground floor bring life into the house - and rental income at the same time. The smaller, barrier-free flat has an open-plan living, dining and cooking area, a bedroom, a bathroom, a storage room and a WC. The larger flat also has space for two further rooms. The tenants could be friends of yours, your grown-up children and grandchildren or carers, for example.

This design also includes a separate, spacious storage room in the basement for each party. Residents also have access to a shared laundry and drying room and a large garage for all two-wheelers, walking frames or pushchairs.

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Roof form Pitched roof
Roof inclination25°
Jamb wall24 cm
Living space apartment 190,34 m²
Living space apartment 2135,86 m²
Living space apartment 3223,23 m²
Number of floors3

Special features
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Further planning options

Would you like to build a multi-family house with more than three flats? Then our multi-family house designs with four residential units or six residential units are just right for you.

Floor plan

The floor plans will give you an impression of this house.

Fertighaus Mehrfamilienhaus 3 Wohneinheiten: Grundriss KG
Fertighaus Mehrfamilienhaus 3 Wohneinheiten: Grundriss EG
Ground floor
Fertighaus Mehrfamilienhaus 3 Wohneinheiten: Grundriss OG
Upper floor

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