Visit to the Hanse Haus prefabricated house of the Lange family in the Allgäu

“We would do everything exactly the same again"

The couple originally come from Hesse and Saxony and moved to the idyllic Allgäu for professional reasons a few years ago. After having lived there for a longer period of time and renting their accommodation, the desire for a home of their own grew stronger and stronger. As they say themselves, they had had enough of the overpriced rents and wanted to build their own house before any children arrived on the scene.

However, finding land to build on is not always easy – even in the rural regions of the Allgäu. But the Lange family was lucky enough to move on to a plot of land which was available in the community they were living in. The plot had an area of just under 740 m² - large enough for a detached house with space for a family and the three cats, as well as for an additional extension for a granny annexe. 

House seriesVariant
Use Single-family house
Roof form Pitched roof
Roof inclination35°
Living space116,00 m²
Number of floors1
Year of construction2019
Level of completionTurnkey houses

Fairest supplier of prefabricated houses


The decision for a prefabricated house and against a solid build house was an easy one for the family. Crucial factors for the future owners were the short construction time and the energy efficiency of prefabricated houses.

They first heard about Hanse Haus through a Focus Money report. Hanse Haus is awarded the title of “fairest prefabricated house manufacturer” year after year – in 2019 for the 7th time in a row. It was therefore only natural for them to take a closer look at the prefabricated house producers. The decision was made quickly in favour of Hanse Haus:

“During a tour of the factory and having seen samples, we were convinced of the quality offered by the Hanse house. In the subsequent conversations with our technical advisor and other employees, it quickly became clear to us that Hanse Haus rightly bears the title of “fairest prefabricated house supplier”. The offer was transparent and in the end we were able to sign for the house without any obligation. At no time did we regret our decision.”

An individual house built entirely according to the wishes of the client


Our clients had very exact ideas about what their home should look like: “We lived in a rented apartment for years. This made us realise, for example, how important it is to have sufficient storage space and what is important to us in terms of the layout of rooms. We were then able to plan all this within our own four walls and just as we had envisaged it.” Furthermore, we didn’t want to cut corners on cost in the wrong places, because “you usually only build once in a lifetime”.

Together with the Hanse Haus architects, an individual and well thought-out floor plan was conceived completely in accordance with the wishes and needs of the client. The special features of the furnishings in this house most definitely include the real wood parquet flooring and the tiled border in the guest bathroom. The tiled border in cowhide look simply could not be missing. A storeroom under the stairs was included to provide additional storage space.

The house has a net floor space of 172 m² and a living area of 116 m².

Space for the parents


The clients also decided to include an additional residential unit in their plans. The granny annexe with a living space of 57.76 m² is intended for the parents of the client. At the moment they still live in Gießen but would like to move to the Allgäu as soon as they both retire.

The living area has therefore already been planned according to the parents’ wishes. They came to Oberleichtersbach themselves to sample and furnish their home. Thanks to the ramps in front of the two entrance doors, barrier-free access to the respective living areas is also possible.

Only minimal personal contributions had to be made by the owners


The clients decided on a "near turnkey house". Only the floors on the upper floor were laid by the owners as well as the installation of the spotlights. Apart from that, they relied entirely on Hanse Haus. The clients could be found on the building site every day while the house was being assembled and were often seen on site during the rest of the construction period to check on the progress being made. They wanted to see with their own eyes and experience the excitement of their construction project gradually taking shape.

Shortly before the house was due to put into position there had been some snow. A lot of snow to be precise! 1.5 metres of fresh snow within only two days – and of course it was covering the base slab. At first it looked as if the erection of the house would have to be postponed. However, with the support of friends and relatives this difficulty was overcome with ease: “We cleared the base slab of snow using snow shovels and then burned away the centimetre-thick layer of ice with a Bunsen burner. That was an experience we will certainly never forget,” laughs Mr. Lange.

Bauherren: Familie Lange aus dem Allgäu
Zita & Markus Lange
Houseowners in the Allgäu


“It is important to take enough time when planning and to think carefully about what was missing in your previous houses or apartments. Plug sockets are very important. It’s best to check how many sockets are in use during the Christmas period because that’s when you need them most.“


Grauer Hintergrund mit Überlagerung

Energy efficient with photovoltaics


In terms of heating technology, the family relies on a combination of an air-to-water heat pump, including a ventilation system with heat recovery, and underfloor heating on the ground floor and attic. Thanks to the air-to-water heat pump and the good thermal insulation, temperatures remain very pleasant in the summer and cosy and warm in the winter.

A photovoltaic system was installed on the roof to generate electricity – the entire south side of the roof is equipped with panels. Through the combination of the heating technology, the photovoltaic system and the high-quality Hanse Haus heat insulation, the house achieves the KfW Efficient House Standard 40 Plus.

Grauer Hintergrund mit Verlauf