Visiting the Frech family’s Hanse Haus prefabricated home in Mittelbach

“A free hand in the planning was very important to us”

Out of the rented apartment and finally into their own four walls: In April 2020, the Frech family was able to move into their new house. In Michelbach, a district of Alzenau, surrounded by a garden and with views of the countryside, our home-builders have found their home.

After their previous flat no longer met the space requirements of the family of four and their daily routines, the desire for a home of their own grew stronger and stronger. Originally, no new building had been planned. But when the Frech family did not find what they were looking for among the existing properties for sale in the area, and a building plot became available instead, their plans quickly changed.

House seriesVariant
Use Single-family house
Roof form Pitched roof
Roof inclination45°
Jamb wall80 cm
Living space179,00 m²
Number of floors2
Level of completionAlmost finished

A prefabricated house entirely according to the wishes of the family

Individual planning

The Frech family approached the planning of their own home very openly: “We knew at the beginning that we wanted a house. But it wasn’t clear what it should look like.” So our homemakers visited different show houses and got inspiration from friends. There were also some specifications that had to be met in the residential area where the family’s property was to be located.

During a visit to the show house exhibition in Bad Vibel, they were particularly impressed by the room layout of a house on show from Hanse Haus. Of this floor plan, which initially served as the basis for the planning, only the external dimensions remained in the end. Together with their architect, the family designed an individual floor plan that was perfectly tailored to them: “It was very important for us that we had the possibility to freely plan the house with Hanse Haus.”

The result was a spacious, bright single-family home with a gable roof and a flat roof dormer. The heart of the house is the large kitchen with cooking island and a band of windows that allow in plenty of light.

“We are very, very happy with how we planned this. We moved in here and said it’s actually exactly how we imagined it.“

Perfectly suited to everyday family life

A home

With around 179 m² of total living space, the Frech family’s new home is perfectly adapted to their everyday life and needs. The upper floor offers enough space for two children’s bedrooms and a spacious family bathroom. It also houses a utility room. One of the favourite places in the house is the Lego room, where the family likes to spend time together.

Our owners enjoy the freedom and independence of their new home: “It’s nice that we really live alone in this house now. That there is no one there to disturb us anymore.”

The 300 m² garden faces north, so they can enjoy the beautiful view of the countryside from there. Despite the orientation, a lot of sunshine reaches the garden. In this way, the family has created a retreat behind the house that offers many opportunities to play and relax in.

The home goes up

The construction phase

In November 2019, the foundation slab was poured: “We couldn’t imagine how a house would fit on it.” So without further ado, the family drew the floor plan with chalk on the dried floor slab.

On a cold, foggy morning in January 2020, the time had finally come. The Frech family has particularly fond memories of how the Hanse Haus workmen started building the house – with an impressive sunrise as their background – and how quickly their home took shape: “After just one working day for the builders, the ground floor was already finished – with the ceiling on top. And you already needed a key to get in!”

The Frech family opted for the “almost finished” type of construction. They did the painting and filling work themselves and also laid the floor coverings and installed the interior doors. Everything else was done by Hanse Haus. What our clients particularly liked about this was that Hanse Haus continued to be available to them as a contact partner just in case.

The Frech family
House builders in Michelbach

Our builders advise to plan the budget for the earthworks generously: “It is worthwhile to have a soil survey carried out beforehand, so that you at least know where the journey will take you.” 

Grauer Hintergrund mit Überlagerung

Energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly

Heating technology

To find the right heating technology system for their house, our house owners were guided by the requirements for the KfW Efficiency House Standard 40 Plus. Furthermore, they also quickly decided that they wanted to do without fossil fuels. They finally decided on an air-to-water heat pump in combination with a photovoltaic system on the roof. This also allowed the Frech family to benefit from financial subsidies.