Instead of renovating their old home, the family from Luxembourg built an energy-saving passive house with Hanse Haus


The decision to demolish one’s own home has to be backed up with really good reasons for making this bold move. But that’s exactly what Marc Muller and Iris von der Heyden from Luxembourg did.

Particularly with regard to comfort and energy efficiency, the old house was no longer what the two wanted. Comprehensive renovation and reconstruction would have been disproportionately expensive, but the owners wanted to keep the great plot.

The solution: demolish the old house and build an energy-saving passive house from Hanse Haus which implements all personal wishes for the layout.

“We all bear responsibility not only for ourselves but also for future generations. For us, carefully using energy resources and conserving them is a large part of this responsibility,” says homeowner Iris von der Heyden, describing the couple’s thoughts. “As energy sources become scarcer in the future, energy prices will probably rise steeply. With a home that requires extremely little energy, we wanted to make ourselves as independent from this as possible. For us, energy-efficient construction is also important for the house’s value retention,” adds Marc Muller.

House seriesCubus
House nameindividual planning
Use Single-family house
Roof inclination
Living space170,00 m²
Number of floors2
Year of construction2009
Level of completionTurnkey houses

Since both clients are very busy with their jobs, they decided on a turnkey prefabricated home from Hanse Haus

Completion level:
turnkey house

However, the clients did not have much time for building the house. Both are busy professionally and were grateful for any relief.

“The fact that Hanse Haus offers a really large scope of services from a single source was a huge argument for us in deciding on a turnkey prefabricated home from Hanse Haus. Otherwise, we would have had to spend a lot of time coordinating all the craftsmen – not to mention all the driving back and forth to choose the fixtures. With Hanse Haus, we felt we were in very good hands from the planning to the finished house,” the owner recalls and notes with a laugh: “Our appointment for the housebuilding overlapped exactly with a long-planned holiday trip. We trusted Hanse Haus and still flew away on holiday. When we came back, the house was already up – an unforgettable experience.”

Außenansicht Fertighaus Referenz von Hanse Haus
A comfortable new house instead of unprofitable renovation The Muller/von der Heyden family relied on the all-round service provided by Hanse Haus when building their passive house.
Dachterrasse Fertighaus Referenz von Hanse Haus
Eingang Fertighaus Referenz von Hanse Haus
Bauherren Fertighaus Referenz von Hanse Haus
Marc Muller



“For us, energy-efficient construction is also a matter of the house’s value retention.”

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