Gill and Stewart Siddall decided on a home by Hanse Haus because for them, the advantages of a prefabricated house outweigh those of a solid house

The decision for a
prefabricated house

A little while later, the homebuilder came across an English construction magazine somewhat by chance. It reported on modern prefabricated timber construction, which makes it possible to complete entire construction projects in next to no time. Efficient, fast and easy – that’s exactly what the client was looking for.

“I always found that building conventionally for months and having the house open and exposed was too much of a risk with the Scottish weather. I heard so many horror stories of building damage, humidity and rising costs due to delays. When I read in my internet research that Hanse Haus can make a house rainproof after just one or two days, I was quite impressed. That was just the thing I needed!” the client recalls.

Not only was the construction speed a priority but also the individual planning possibilities which Hanse Haus offered its clients.

Außenansicht eines Fertighauses von Hanse Haus

Contacting Hanse Haus and the initial consultation

Hanse Haus

Just one email later and the couple was already in contact with Christian Wittke of Hanse Haus in Scotland. First, they looked through the existing plans together, optimising many of their aspects. A very important change was the suggestion to build a basement under the bungalow, thereby making the best possible use of the hillside location. Although this had been high on the clients’ wish list for a long time, none of the local construction partners really dared implement it.

“Only Hanse Haus made this possible with its partner companies,” the client was pleased to note.

“The idea with the basement was perfect. It enabled us to build into the hillside, and although we had two full storeys, the ridge height was lower than that of the neighbours’ houses. So the building permit was also no problem.”

Mann beim Vermessen eines Fensters im Werk von Hanse Haus

Factory tour of Hanse Haus in Oberleichtersbach

Factory tour

Even though contact with Hanse Haus in Scotland was good from the very beginning, the clients had the understandable desire to get to know the potential construction partner on site.

During a tour of the factory halls in Oberleichtersbach, they were convinced first-hand about the construction quality.

“Everything was so structured and precise. It made so much sense to do a large part of the work in the best climatic conditions and protected from the wind and weather in the factory. Even the triple-glazed windows and the requested exterior roller shutters were already pre-assembled,” recalls Gill Siddall of the visit to Germany.

“Of course, we also looked carefully at the show homes, and especially the Fixture Centre. I have very exact ideas and was very pleasantly surprised by the huge selection of high-quality products such as tiles, wooden floors and even beautiful zinc gutters.”

Floor-to-ceiling windows reveal breathtaking views of the nearby Ochil Hills

A house
with a view

The result is something to behold. The entrance to the home is at the back of the house, and from there it leads to a closed hallway and a separate toilet.

From the hallway a door opens to the heart of the house: the living and dining area with open kitchen. The entire area has floor-to-ceiling windows that provide breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Particularly beautiful is the view over the hills of Scotland from the adjoining balcony with glass railing.

A large utility room and a walk-in pantry are directly accessible from the kitchen. Moreover, there is a bedroom on the ground floor with a balcony and adjoining bathroom that can be used as a guest room.

A staircase made of oak and glass leads from the ground floor to the basement – a special eye-catcher is the impressive bookshelf which extends over both storeys. The basement consists of the master bedroom with its own bathroom and a separate dressing room, a living room and an office. All rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows and offer views of the surrounding landscape.

Innenansicht eines Fertighauses von Hanse Haus
Innenansicht eines Fertighauses von Hanse Haus
Innenansicht eines Fertighauses von Hanse Haus

From an old building to a plus-energy house with Hanse Haus


As for technical installations as well, Gill and Stewart Siddall have found the perfect combination and enjoy the benefits of a plus-energy house.

“Not only do we generate electricity ourselves through a photovoltaic system, we can also feed overproduction into the local power grid. For this we receive a fixed compensation per kilowatt hour. Although we live in a rather cool area of Scotland and also use the electricity generated to operate the geothermal heat pump, we definitely generate more electricity than we consume. That means that in the end, we even make money. Isn’t that great? This is also due to a large extent to the extremely well-insulated building envelope – draughts, which we had in our old house, are no longer an issue here,” says the couple.

Außenansicht eines Fertighauses von Hanse Haus
Gill and Stewart Siddall
Homeowners in Scotland



It was a fantastic experience building with Hanse Haus - from start to finish. Hanse Haus did exactly what they promised. It really has become the house we wanted. With no ifs or buts.

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