Colours come into play

Variant 25-165

While muted and restrained colours were popular for houses up to several years ago, bright and conspicuous are normal today. A pure white, combined with strong contrasting colours such as red or grey, gives the Variant 25-165 with pitched roof a wonderful modern look that is guaranteed to attract attention in the neighbourhood.

What about the inside? If you like, you can also have it in colourful tones.

At our Fixture Centre, we’ll be glad to show you which effects colours have and how you can use them specifically to create an atmosphere of well-being.

The floor plan features a gable-side entrance. The stairs are on the eaves side. This results in an open cooking and living area. The straight-lined gallery in the loft leads to two children’s rooms, the bedroom and a spacious bathroom with a modern T-shaped solution.

Roof form Pitched roof
Roof inclination25 °
Jamb wall200 cm
Living space154,78 m²
Base area164,92 m²
Number of floors1,5


  • Eaves-side bay window
Wohnzimmer in einem Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Essbereich und Küche in einem Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Innenansicht eines Einfamilienhauses mit Satteldach als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus

Floor plan

Get an impression of this house through the floor plans. We will show you our planning suggestions, which of course can be customised on request.

We have also prepared some interesting planning options for this house. Click through them and see for yourself which variants we have come up with.

Fertighaus Variant 25-165: Grundriss EG
Ground floor
Fertighaus Variant 25-165: Grundriss DG
Upper floor
Fertighaus Variant 25-165: Grundrissoption EG
Planning option ground floor
The extension expands the
Kitchen around 3 m².
In addition, a 10.5 m² covered patio can be created.

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