Build a detached house with a flat roof with a living area of 141 to 160 m²

Prefabricated house Cubus

You think less is more? Then a straight-lined Cubus house with a flat roof is sure to meet your taste. Our prefabricated houses of the Cubus series convince with clear lines, simplicity and elegance. Flat roofs are roofs with a pitch of less than 5°, but some regulations also define a roof pitch of less than 10°. A slope of at least 2 % must be maintained so that rainwater can run off.

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Cubus: Houses with flat roofs

Cubus 148
The flat roof house with timeless design
141 m²
CUBUS - Fertighaus mit Flachdach von Hanse Haus
Cubus 162
Clear lines, cool looks
154 m²
Cubus 167
Comfortable right up to the roof
160 m²
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Hanse Haus experiences: Read what our builders say about their flat-roof house


Außenansicht Fertighaus Referenz von Hanse Haus
The Muller / von der Heyden family

The decision to demolish your own home has to be justified with really good reasons for taking this step. But that is exactly what Marc Muller and Iris von der Heyden from Luxembourg did.

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Hausgrundriss: Einfamilienhaus

More detached house floor plans for inspiration

Floor plans detached house

In a detached house with a flat roof and plenty of free space on two full floors, the floor plan can be planned particularly flexibly and adapted to your wishes. As inspiration for your home, our architects have designed numerous different floor plans for detached houses that can be implemented with a flat roof. 

Gather ideas from our cleverly planned example designs in various sizes and designs.


Discover detached house floor plans

Architektengespräch: Bauherren Familie Römmelt

Detached house with flat roof – exactly the way you want it

Individual planning

You have fallen in love with our houses with flat roofs, but dream of more square metres, a granny flat or a particularly open, light-flooded living concept?

That's no problem with Hanse Haus. We will discuss your wishes and ideas with you and together we will design your very own detached house with a flat roof.


Individual planning

Fertighaus Cubus 162

Extend your house with an extension

Flat roof detached house

If you wish, you can choose between different extension options. How about a modern carport or a straight-lined bay window, for example? 

The cubic basic structure can be flexibly extended with a matching flat-roof extension with loggia above, which - protected from wind and prying eyes - is the ideal place for balmy summer evenings with friends. As an example of planning with a loggia, you are welcome to take a look at our Cubus 162 design, which already includes such a cosy loggia as a planning option.


More about the prefabricated house extensions

Important information about our detached houses with flat roofs

Frequently asked questions
Is a detached house with a flat roof advisable?

A house with a flat roof is not only impressive because of its modern architecture with clear lines.

  • A decisive advantage over the detached house with pitched roof is that the entire living space under the roof can be used effectively without sloping ceilings.
  • The detached house with a flat roof is often chosen for low-energy and passive houses because the compact shape radiates less heat. A well-insulated flat roof ensures that no valuable heat is lost. At the same time, the insulation protects against heat in summer. 
  • A detached house with a flat roof is also very suitable for installing a solar system. The solar modules can be optimally oriented towards the sun on the roof surface, which achieves particularly efficient solar yields. 
  • Greening flat roofs has several advantages: The plants act as an additional natural insulating material, reduce noise and protect the roof from the effects of weather such as hail or storms. In addition, the greenery filters the air and provides a habitat for birds and insects.
Are flat roof houses cheaper?

The flat roof is one of the cheaper roof types. This is due to the low roofing costs and the simple implementation of the roof structure. The load-bearing structure consists of a wooden beam construction in the case of timber post and beam constructions, otherwise mostly of a thick reinforced concrete slab and profiled sheets.

However, the roof drainage of a flat roof requires a relatively high installation effort, as rainwater can run off less easily due to the low inclination of the flat roof. For this reason, regular maintenance of the flat roof is also particularly important, which can also be associated with additional costs.


Is a flat roof more expensive than a pitched roof?

Basically, both the flat roof and the pitched roof are among the cheaper roof types. Tent or hipped roofs are usually more expensive in comparison. 

Due to its particularly simple construction, the flat roof is usually still somewhat cheaper than the pitched roof, where the roofing is also associated with higher costs.

What do you have to look out for in a flat roof?

Since rainwater can run off more poorly due to the low slope of a flat roof, roof drainage and waterproofing involves more installation work. Regular maintenance of the flat roof is also particularly important for this reason: if leaves or dirt block the drain, precipitation cannot run off quickly enough. In regions where a lot of snow falls, special attention should be paid to the load-bearing capacity of the flat roof. 

Before planning a house with a flat roof, it is worth checking the local building specifications. In this way, you can find out whether a house with a flat roof can be built on the plot of land you want. In some places, only certain roof shapes are permitted.

Carolin Muth
Carolin Muth
Head of Internal Sales
Expert tip!

Carolin Muth is a Hanse Haus builder herself

„If you plan your prefabricated house as a cube, you can optimally use the entire area for living – because the upper floor has no roof slopes. Every square metre is thus used effectively.“