Your dream of a prefabricated house with flat roof: the Cubus by Hanse Haus

The Cubus prefabricated house

Do you find that “less is more”? Then you are particularly well advised to opt for a rectilinear Cubus house.  Our Hanse Haus Cubus series of prefabricated houses impress with their clear lines, simplicity and elegance.

With their generous living space, such as the 180 square metres in the prefabricated house Cubus 183, they are also true all-rounders.

The Cubus house as an all-rounder

A true

Thanks to its flat roof, there’s just as much space on the upper floor as on the ground floor, without being hemmed in by ceiling slopes. 

That’s why the Cubus is flexible and can be adapted to your family’s needs, allowing for dressing rooms and loggias or the perfect combination of living and working.

We’ll show you different suggestions for your dream house with flat roof, with numerous planning options. Be inspired by our Hanse Haus prefabricated houses with flat roof.

CUBUS - Fertighaus mit Flachdach von Hanse Haus
Wohn- und Essbereich mit gedecktem Tisch in einem Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Wohn- und Essbereich mit gedecktem Tisch in einem Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Moderne Tapete als Wandbelag in einem Fertighaus

Find the Cubus house with flat roof that suits you

Cubus houses
with flat roof
Cubus 148
The flat roof house with timeless design: Cubus 148
141 m²
CUBUS - Fertighaus mit Flachdach von Hanse Haus
Cubus 162
The Cubus 162: clear lines, cool looks
154 m²
Cubus - Fertighaus mit Flachdach von Hanse Haus
Cubus 167
Comfortable right up to the roof: the Cubus 167 with flat roof
161 m²
Cubus - Fertighaus mit Flachdach von Hanse Haus
Cubus 183
The Cubus 183: clear architecture with a flat roof for an active lifestyle
177 m²
Grauer Hintergrund mit Überlagerung

More than just square and practical: the prefabricated Cubus designs from Hanse Haus typify an active lifestyle and high standards of design

A prefabricated house
with style

Many homebuilders who choose our Cubus designs love one thing above all: clarity.

Our Cubus houses take up the simple and modern stylistic elements of the Bauhaus style and create plenty of free space inside through their clear structure.

Open floor plans and bright rooms are the hallmarks of these houses. There are no limits to an active lifestyle and creative activity here.

If you wish, you can choose from two different extension options. A modern carport lends itself just as well here as a straight bay window or covered terrace.

Loggia possible on the upper floor

The basic cubic structure can be augmented quite simply by a flat roof extension with an overlying loggia, which – protected from wind and prying eyes – makes it the ideal place for spending balmy summer evenings with friends. As an example of a layout with a loggia, take a look at our Cubus 162 model, which features a cosy loggia as a planning option.

Carolin Muth
Carolin Muth
Director of Internal Sales
Expert tip

“If you choose the Cubus as your prefabricated house, you can make optimal use of the entire space for living in because the upper floor does not have a sloped roof. Allowing every square metre to be used to full effect.”

Carolin Muth is a Hanse Haus homeowner.

Grauer Hintergrund mit Überlagerung

With Hanse Haus’s architects, make the most of the proposed design for your Cubus house.


Have you fallen in love with one of our Cubus models but are dreaming of more space or an open living plan with even more light in every room?

With Hanse Haus, that’s no problem. Our architects will discuss your wishes and needs with you so that you can find the appropriate design for your completely customised prefabricated house with flat roof.


A house with a pent roof an alternative to a house with a flat roof

houses with
pent roof

Were you unable to find your dream house among our Cubus houses with flat roof? Perhaps you would prefer one of our modern houses with pent roof – a house with a sloping roof?

Fertighaus Vita 138 von Hanse Haus
Vita 138
Build an energy-saving home and live comfortably with the pent roof Vita 138
133 m²
Fertighaus Vita 143 von Hanse Haus
Vita 143
The Vita 143 with pent roof: family-friendly planning for comfortable living
136 m²
Fertighaus mit Pultdach von Hanse Haus
Vita 147
A sunny ambience for better quality of life: the Vita 147 with pent roof
141 m²
Fertighaus mit Pultdach von Hanse Haus
Vita 156
Cleverly planned and individually built: the Vita 156 pent roof house
148 m²
Fertighaus Vita 165 von Hanse Haus
Vita 165
The Vita 165 pent roof house: built according to your wishes
157 m²
Fertighaus mit Pultdach von Hanse Haus
Vita 180
Finally implement your ideas for living with the Vita 180 pent roof house
173 m²
Grauer Hintergrund mit Überlagerung