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Variant 25-198

If your home really has to have loads of space, our houses from the Variant 25 series are always a good choice.

The largest version – the Variant 25-198 show home in Fellbach – features almost 200 square metres on both levels – for those who love to have generous amounts of space.

The open kitchen and living area with its total of approximately 55 square metres is the centre of all daily activities and invites you to cook, eat and celebrate together.

In addition to the bedrooms, the loft includes a large spa bathroom with a tub and shower. Even the children’s rooms are dimensioned in such a way that your children will feel comfortable in their new home even in their adolescent years.


Take a virtual tour through this prefabricated house by Hanse Haus.


Roof form Pitched roof
Roof inclination25 °
Jamb wall200 cm
Living space187,51 m²
Base area197,60 m²
Number of floors1,5

Special characteristics & extras

Experience this house in person:

Höhenstraße 21, House 30
70736 Fellbach
Telephone 0711-522569


Possible extensions:

  • Front door canopy

Floor plan

Get an impression of this house through the floor plans. We will show you our planning suggestions, which of course can be customised on request.

We have also prepared some interesting planning options for this house. Click through them and see for yourself which variants we have come up with.

Fertighaus Variant 25-198: Grundrissoption EG
The entrance can be expanded with a front door canopy. The modern flat roof visually matches the character of the house perfectly, and the wall plate protects against wind and weather.
Fertighaus Variant 25-198: Grundrissoption DG

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