Get more out of your ground space with an extension to your prefabricated house: Prefabricated house extensions from cellars and carports to conservatories and dwarf gables

Extensions for a prefabricated house

Our prefabricated houses are versatile. With many of our house designs, it is simple to plan an extension.

For some houses, we have already developed planning options for you that are particularly suitable for these particular houses. But there are (almost) no limits to the design – a conservatory, bay window or terrace can almost always be added.

Many of our builders want the classic design separation – living space on the ground floor, private area with bedrooms on the upper floor. If you want to accommodate a guest room or study, a guest toilet (possibly with shower) and the technical equipment room on the ground floor of the house in addition to the entrance hall, living room, kitchen and pantry, this requires a certain house size and/or sophisticated planning.

  • We will show you how to get the most out of your floor space with simple extensions.

More space by relocating the technical room

Separate technical room

One solution for creating more living space in a house without having to extend it over two storeys is to house the technical room in a separate single-storey extension, into a porch or into a garage.

As an example of the planning options that we at Hanse Haus have already put together for you, you can take a look at our Variant 35-160 planning design - a house with a gable roof, where we show a garage and a separate technical room as planning options.

Any questions? Please contact us. We would be happy to inform you about how you can create living space cost-efficiently through relocation.

Bring the outdoors in

Conservatory on the house

With a conservatory you can add a beautiful, light-flooded place to sit and relax in to your prefabricated house.

Our Variant 45-145 house design, for example, shows what this can look like. In this suggestion for a prefabricated house design with a gable roof, we have added a conservatory to the gable end as a planning option. This creates an additional room of about 6 m² on the ground floor, which in turn provides plenty of space for a cosy dining area.

On the top floor, the conservatory can be used as a loggia for sunbathing and relaxing.

Prefabricated house with patio

Outdoor seating area

Our prefabricated houses can be combined very well with a patio, which can be used as a cosy outdoor seating area. Our design proposals show some possibilities for perfectly integrating a patio into the planning of the house.

The Hanse Haus Bungalow 113, for example, which is built as an angled bungalow “around a corner”, offers a patio area protected from the wind, which can be used comfortably from spring to autumn and also has an alternative planning option with a roof.

In the design of Semi-detached 135, a covered loggia on the upper floor protects the patio on the ground floor from the elements.

Bungalow 113
Bungalow Fertighaus Planung Grundriss
Bungalow 113
Doppelhaus 135
Doppelhaus Fertighaus Planung Grundriss
Semi-detached 135
Fertighaus Villa von Hanse Haus
[Translate to Englisch:] Villa 142
Villa Fertighaus Planung Grundriss
Villa 142
Fertighaus mit Pultdach von Hanse Haus
[Translate to Englisch:] Vita 156
Vita Pultdach Fertighaus Planung Grundriss
Vita 156
Vita Pultdach Fertighaus Planung Grundriss
Vita 156

More space, more light

Add a bay window

Create additional space in individual rooms without having to change the entire floor plan or increase the floor area. This can be achieved by adding a bay window to the house.

For our prefabricated Villa 142 house design proposal, for example, we have designed a planning option in which a bay window with a flat roof and large windows create around 7m² of additional space in the dining area and allows plenty of light into the living area.

In our Vita 156 house design, an optional two-storey bay window extends the living space and a children’s room by around 2 m² each, while at the same time softening the exterior view of the house.

Contrasts in the facade and bright living space

House with dwarf gable

The addition of a dwarf gable has several advantages. On the one hand, a dwarf gable brings with it a lot of light and brightness into the upper floor and extends the living space by several square metres. On the other hand, a dwarf gable can visually break up the façade and becomes a real eye-catcher.

Take a look at our prefabricated house Variant 45-175 as an example, where the dwarf gable in the attic creates space for a third children’s bedroom.

Variant Einfamilienhaus mit Satteldach Fertighaus Planung Grundriss
Fertighaus Grundriss Hanse Haus
Variant Einfamilienhaus mit Satteldach Fertighaus Planung Grundriss
Fertighaus Grundriss Hanse Haus

An extension at the entrance


A porch can be added to your prefabricated house on request.

The porch prevents cold air on the outside from entering the living spaces when you enter the house.

With a porch, you also create several square metres of additional space for a cloakroom, shoe storage, umbrellas and toys that can often accumulate in the entrance area.

In our prefabricated house designs Variant 25-192 and Villa 183, for example, we have prepared design suggestions with a porch in order for you to see the advantages of a porch when added as an extension.

Treat yourself and your car to the luxury of an attached carport or a garage

Carport & garage extensions

Some people say a carport or garage is a luxury. Some even say they are a superfluous and expensive purchase. We disagree, because both carport and garage offer plenty of advantages that make everyday life in your new prefabricated house easier.

Experience Hanse Haus prefabricated houses with carport or garage

Take a look at our floor plan ideas online, go on a virtual tour of our houses with our 360° tours, or get an insight into the advantages of a carport or garage for yourself in one of our show houses at the Hanse Haus show park in northern Bavaria – or in one of our show houses near you.

Prefabricated house with carport or garage

All advantages at a glance

Advantages of prefabricated houses with carport

  • Protection of the car from sunlight, rain, snow and hail
  • Dry storage space for firewood, garden tools and hobby equipment
  • Good air circulation due to open construction
  • Additional roofed entrance into the house possible
  • Less expensive than a garage


In our Bungalow 139 prefabricated house, for example, we show you a carport as a planning option from which you can access the house’s utility room directly via a side entrance – an extremely practical variant for getting into the house dry in rainy and snowy weather.

Advantages of a prefabricated house with garage

  • Optimal protection of the car against the sun and weather elements such as rain, hail and snow
  • Dry and safe storage space for firewood, garden and hobby equipment, car accessories
  • Installation of a separate technical room between house and garage or behind the garage possible
  • Additional practical side entrance from the garage into the house possible


For example, in our house designs Bungalow 157, Variant 35-160 and Variant 35-172 we have already included a practical garage as a planning option. However, the addition of a garage is also possible with all other Hanse Haus prefabricated houses.

VARIANT - Einfamilienhaus mit Satteldach als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus

Prefabricated house with basement or prefabricated house with floor slab – Hanse Haus will also take care of the planning and execution for you here

Floor slab
or basement

You will find details on floor slabs and basements in our construction specifications, which we will be happy to send you. Our competent advisors will also be happy to inform you about the options available to you at Hanse Haus with regard to the floor slab or for a prefabricated house with basement.

Advantages of a basement

  • Additional storey: storage space, space for laundry room and heating technology
  • Wide range of possible uses: workshop, hobby room, sauna, laundry room, home cinema, fitness room, ...
  • If conditions are suitable, it can be converted into additional living space: teenager’s bedroom, office, separate granny annexe, ...

Advantages of a floor slab

  • Lower costs compared to cellar (earthworks, materials)
  • Lower risk of unexpected costs (earthworks)
  • Scores points with regard to energy efficiency: insulation poses no problems

Basement or floor slab?

Decision criteria

The following factors should be taken into account when making the decision:

  • Need for living space and storage space: what should actually be moved to the basement and how much space is needed in the house?
  • The condition of the plot of land and the respective specifications on how it may be built on: Especially on a sloping plot of land, it often makes sense to build with a basement. If the slope is very steep, a floor slab is sometimes also very difficult to implement. A basement also makes sense for small plots of land, as the lack of space in terms of length and width can be compensated for by building deeper.
  • Available building budget


Partial basement and substitute basement room

Alternatives to a basement


Partial Basement

A partial basement is often a good compromise. Only part of the floor area of the house is occupied by the basement. In most cases, this solution can save costs compared to a full basement, while still providing additional space in the house.

  • Our show house Villa 178 in the show house park in Oberleichtersbach was planned with such a partial basement. In addition to further storage space, the technical equipment and heating technology is housed there.


A basement replacement room is a house extension or outbuilding outside the dwelling. Often a substitute basement room is planned as an extension of the garage or between the house and the garage. It can either be unheated or located within the thermal envelope. It is usually used as a storage room and is particularly suitable for items that are more likely to be needed outside, such as lawn mowers, garden furniture, bicycles or firewood. The disadvantage is that a substitute basement room takes up additional space on your property.

With our extension options, we provide you with many suggestions for practical additions. Our Hanse Haus prefabricated houses also offer additional space for extensions individually planned for you by our architect.


Do you have special wishes and ideas or do you have to adapt to special conditions due to the shape or location of your plot of land?

No problem. Whatever you are looking for in your prefabricated house, our Hanse Haus architects will find the right design for the prefabricated house that meets your needs and wishes.

Give your house more personality with our floor plan adaptions and planning options.


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