A prefabricated house with a simple pent roof or an unusual house with offset pent roof

The Vita prefabricated house

Our prefabricated houses with pent roof usually have only one roof surface inclined in one direction, with a slight pitch of 5°, which makes the roof resemble a writing desk. An example of this is our Vita 147 model.

As variants of the classic pent roof house, we have also designed a few models with offset pent roofs, where two roof surfaces inclined in different directions create a particularly interesting look. The spacious Hanse Haus Vita 180 with offset pent roof is a good example of this.

Experience our Hanse Haus houses with pent roof

Vita houses
with pent roof
Fertighaus Vita 138 von Hanse Haus
Vita 138
Build an energy-saving home and live comfortably with the pent roof Vita 138
133 m²
Fertighaus mit Pultdach von Hanse Haus
Vita 147
A sunny ambience for better quality of life: the Vita 147 with pent roof
141 m²
Fertighaus mit Pultdach von Hanse Haus
Vita 156
Cleverly planned and individually built: the Vita 156 pent roof house
148 m²
Fertighaus Vita 165 von Hanse Haus
Vita 165
The Vita 165 pent roof house: built according to your wishes
157 m²
Fertighaus mit Pultdach von Hanse Haus
Vita 180
Finally implement your ideas for living with the Vita 180 pent roof house
173 m²
An angular building that can be flexibly used: the Vivario house with pent roof
190 m²

The pent roofs of our Vita designs have something of

a cult

Classic roof forms such as the pitched roof or the hipped roof have been given some stiff competition from the pent roof, because our architects have discovered its versatility and advantages. 

Be inspired by Hanse Haus's prefabricated pent roof models with all their benefits – from the varied architecture and the larger amount of usable living space without sloped ceilings, to the abundance of light entering through large windows on the upper floor.  

Two completely usable storeys

The upper floor of a house with pent roof is a full storey without a jamb wall. That’s why our Hanse Haus houses with pent roof promise modern living space on two full floors without the limitations imposed by sloped ceilings.

Our pent roof models offer 130 to 170 square metres of living space and allow for a flexible and open design of your interior. On request, you can of course adapt the living space to your individual needs.

Light and a view on the upper floor

Homeowners particularly appreciate the possibility of bringing plenty of light into the house through the large windows on the upper floor.

Prefabricated houses with pent roof are particularly well suited to homes in places with beautiful views. Enjoy your view of the mountains, lake or forest from the spacious upper floor and bring a bit of nature indoors.

Fertighaus mit Pultdach von Hanse Haus
Mann und Frau auf einer offenen Galerie mit Sitzgelegengheiten in einem Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Paar in einer Küche beim Kochen in einem Fertighaus von Hanse Haus

Build your fully customised house with pent roof with Hanse Haus


Have you taken a liking to one of our pent roof houses but don’t want a house off the shelf and would rather prefer one with more individuality?

With Hanse Haus that’s no problem. Our highly trained architects will discuss your wishes with you. Together, you’ll definitely find the ideal design for your customised prefabricated house with pent roof.


More information

Our Hanse Haus alternatives to the prefabricated house with pent roof

dream houses

Didn’t find your dream house amongst our Vita houses with pent roof? Take a look at our other house types – perhaps an elegant urban villa, a classic house with pitched roof, or a semi-detached house would suit you better.

Fertighaus Villa von Hanse Haus
Villa 165
The Hanse Haus Villa 165: a modern urban villa with style
156 m²
Haus mit Satteldach und schwarzer Gaube
Variant 35-174
Experience architecture in person in the Variant 35-174 with pitched roof
156 m²
VARIANT - Einfamilienhaus mit Satteldach als Fertighaus von Hanse Haus
Variant 169
Plenty of space on two full floors in Variant 169, the spatial wonder with pitched roof
161 m²
Semi-Detached House 35-124
Expensive plots optimally used with the Semi-Detached House 35-124
110 m²
Grauer Hintergrund mit Überlagerung